Help And Support Of Society To LGBT

According to Tuzer (2003), Homophobia is defined as the hatred or fear to homosexual individuals and homosexuality.

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Based on an interview with Angela, a social studies teacher stated, “I feel as though it is important to teach the students about race issues that have plagued the world. I grew up in a family who was tolerant of other races and ethnicities so it is hard for me to relate to someone who has a hatred for another based on the color of their skin”. It expresses her belief that teaching “race issues” is important.

Teaching students to be accepting of homosexuality, stopping them from using the words “fags” or “sissies” and sexual slurs in class. However, it is not the teachers’ job to correct students’ thoughts about homosexuality.


The molders of the development of many adults are parenting. Good parenting results to well-developed children. That is why relationship between a child and a parent is always important.

Conflicts of Sexuality in Family

Some LGBT described their relationship to their parents as distant or strained. They feared that maybe their family would not accept them. Some people think that homosexuality is a sin (Stewart 2002). In a survey conducted by Bruce Drake (n.d), he found out that major religious institution is not welcoming of LGBT. Most of the families in the Philippines are Christians and have a strong faith in God. That is why Christianity is a factor that affects the relationship of LGBT to their Parents.

Parent-LGBT Relationship

Coolhart & Shipman (2017) stated that parents are wondering why their children have different gender expression. They also have fear for their children’s safety and feelings of disappointment, embarrassment, anxiety, confusion, anger, and concern. Parents of LGBT felt loss, shame, guilt, shock, denial, anger, grief, failure, pride and acceptance after disclosure or coming out. In every LGBT who come out, there should be a support from family. Parental rejection of LGBT negatively affects identity and health. If the child come out of the closet, the parent should go inside the closet. Most parents experienced shock, denial, guilt, and anger before acceptance.

Family’s Support to LGBT

Social support is associated with well-being for LGBT. Parents stated that by communicating with their child, reading LGBT literature, learning LGBT culture, and meeting their child’s LGBT friends were the right solution to better understand the LGBT. Having a supportive and helpful environment at home will help LGBT manage their feeling and manage societal problems ahead.

11 February 2020

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