Heneral Luna Movie Review

Heneral Luna film was released in 2015, it narrates the heroic story of General Antonio Luna as well as the details of his contribution. He was in charge of leading the force and became the General of our country during the time of the Philippine-American war. Heneral Luna showed his bravery and did not spare anyone particularly those colonizers who wanted to get what they are fighting for—to control the Philippines He was a multifaceted man, who was eager to fight and die for his country. He was determined to bring liberty and tranquility to his people. 'Dugo at pawis' is the compensation for attaining freedom. The film enhanced Philippine history by emphasizing and valuing the customs of our fellow Filipinos. It helps to recognize and convey to the audience what kind of a tragic history our country had, and how heroes were willing to lose their lives for the Philippines' independence.

The Heneral Luna film greatly depicts the past with the use of their language, costume and equipment, scenery, and the actors’ performance. The use of language, dictation, and how the script was delivered are similar to those of the Filipinos in the past. Heneral Luna's scene where he talks to the Americans, underlines that Filipinos cannot understand or speak the language of colonists. They can only communicate in deep 'Tagalog' words and Espanyol. The costumes and weaponry used are accurate replicas, which illustrate the passage from Andrés Bonifacio-Luna's uniforms. They showcased the right way to wear it and how they handle the armor, as well as the command in the old style and salute of the officers. The film also illustrates how Filipinos used to live, the heritage homes and structures, as well as the use of 'telegrama' to relay messages. Furthermore, the performers' portrayal of Filipinos behavior back then, which was demonstrated in the cabinet meeting scene. Every official expressed their perspective, but it was based on their self-interest in the country. Disagreement over the general plans resulted in widespread misunderstandings and violence. They acted similarly to how Filipinos reacted to the invaders: with fear, courage, and ignorance.

This film made an effort and was produced with remarkable expertise to provide a thorough insight into Antonio Luna's heroics and the struggle of Filipinos at the hands of Americans. It vividly portrayed our history; this film concentrates and exposes the flaws and behaviors of Filipinos in the past. Filipinos seem to enjoy this film because of the powerful emotions and the lines of Heneral about choosing between 'sarili o bayan' and 'sariling interes o Kalayaan.' The scene of Luna's tragic death showed how people prefer to drag others down, and also emphasizing that our real enemy is ourselves. Heneral Luna's film truly does justice to the Filipino people and our country. It serves as a wake-up call to all Filipinos, reminding us that we must not be blinded to injustices and must not be slaves to our own country.

07 July 2022
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