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How I Usually Spend My Summer

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I love this time of year, I associate it with heat, sun, and freedom. It is in summer that all schoolchildren have holidays and we know that we do not need anywhere, and we can rest easy without thinking about anything. Well, such a long vacation in the summer, not in winter. In the summer, there are many places to go and go and a lot of things to do. But in winter there are few options for recreation, especially when it is very cold outside, you have to stay at home.

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As a rule, every summer I go to my grandmother in the village. There, friends with whom we meet only in summer always look forward to me. For the year so much has accumulated and happened, that the first few days we only share our impressions of the past tense. The village is well, here is a forest and a river. The village was built on the banks of the Neman River, and my friends and I often go fishing there, and for this, we need to get up early. This is not a problem here since in the morning the grandmother’s cock begins to scream early, and the grandmother is already waking up by this time. Perch, crucian carp, roach are found in the river, and sometimes even pike or carp can be caught. When you come home, the cat is already waiting near the gate, he knows that he will get fresh fish that he loves so much. Probably every student who graduated from another class wants to sleep in the summer holidays. I am not an exception, so in the first days of the summer holidays, I just got enough sleep. But then I decided that I would not lose precious summertime, but would spend it with benefit. The morning of every day I began to devote a small morning jog in a nearby park. And for health – it is useful, and for my physical form. I do not want to come on the first of September to a solemn line similar to the ‘donut’.

In general, the village somehow breathes easier, there are few cars and there is no public transport. Here you can safely walk late, only the grandmother sometimes grumbles. The sleep here is so strong that I instantly fall asleep, and sometimes grandmother cannot wake me up the first time. When parents have a vacation in the summer, they also gladly come to the village. Here in nature, we restore our strength and rest. But then both study and work become much easier. This is how my summer usually passes. This is the best thing that happens to me for the whole year. In the village, I rest from the school and the bustling city and socializing with friends, with whom I so rarely see each other, gives me special joy and delight. I spent this summer exciting and interesting. It is a pity that it ended so quickly. True, now you can make plans for the next summer vacation. 

10 Jun 2021

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