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How Selfie Culture Can Lead To Cybercrime

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Selfie culture can cause cybercrime among people, especially teens. This is because the teenager has the desire to get attention and approval by publishing pictures of themselves on media social which open up themselves to cyberbullying. Dr. Jessamy Hibberd, a chartered clinical psychologist said: “images are a way for young people to seek approval and attention from their peers. However, they can also lead to cyberbullying and issue with self- confidence. Moreover, teenager gets freedom on social media which allow them to do anything as they wish to, anonymity leads some kids to post hateful remarks and abuses without taking the implications of their words for the person. They are more likely using social media to measure themselves against others based on the selfies they upload. Despite, they do not realize that they are attracting the attention of online predator with their pictures. For instance, a more dangerous risk that is always overlooked is the leaked information that can be exposed in the background settings of posted pictures and selfies where the photos that were taken at any events tell a criminal where he or she can be found and what he or she always does.

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Furthermore, predators can put together anything and everything they found in the setting of the selfie and most of the people are not taking this seriously as there are issues when most of the women are posting undress selfies in social media while they might bring themselves to the victim of cybercrime. According to the research from Mascheroni, Vincent, and Jimenez on 2015, uploading selfies on media social has its bad side as they found that there are some girls uploading half-naked selfies to get “likes” on their selfies. Gail Dines states that a lot of female selfies take their visual vernacular directly from pornography unwittingly or otherwise such as the pouting mouth, the pressed-together cleavage, the rumpled bedclothes in the background are hinting at the opportunity for men. This is a concern as they can become a target for perverts.

I would like to highlight the issues once again that selfie culture can become an unhealthy obsession for people. They will think too much of their appearance and might lose self-confidence if being attack by a negative comment. It also can become a dangerous activity and cause cybercrime among people, especially teens. People may think that selfie is not dangerous but the truth is selfie culture has a dark side that many do not know about. In conclusion, selfie culture gives more harm than good to people on social media and also when they take selfies at dangerous places. It does not mean that you cannot take a selfie, if possible, try to take a selfie that would not endanger yourself and limit the photos taken and spend more time with your friends and family. You have to manage wisely your media social account and make sure to not allow any strangers to follow your account.

31 October 2020

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