Why Graffiti Deserves To Be Legalized

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What do you think of when you think of graffiti? Although, some might consider it one of the world’s beauties, I imagine many of you would picture the so-called ‘ugly, ridiculous’ title graffiti has received. When graffiti first started, it originally was used to write poems by ancient Romans and Greeks as a protest when there was conflict in their communities. Today graffiti worldwide is known to spread a message, through the gift of art. Graffiti should be made legal with some restrictions to continue its positive impact in the world. Society cannot dictate how people see art. To what some consider wonderful, others simply hate. However, people always see only half of graffiti. There are many graffiti artists based around positive statements that spread a good message for a community. This type especially has no reason to be banned. In 2012 an analysis has shown that 50 % of graffiti is positive-neutral. Many people nowadays even pay for this type of art in the form of murals to be done professionally by land owners. This gives artistic people more skill-related jobs to share good messages and artwork in public spaces.

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Graffiti has a side of freedom. If we have freedom of speech, why aren’t we allowed to write how we feel? Some people even believe that graffiti is indeed beautiful but its beauty comes from the risk to share your message no matter what consequences it could cause to yourself. But why should people get punished for expressing their issues in a way that they will actually be heard by others. All of the arts speak louder than words and allow people to share their emotions in a silent way and opens the eyes of others. People can share what they want to say but aren’t able to because they are afraid of the consequences due to who they are. As Banksy, one the greatest graffiti artists ever known once said, “Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”. This relates to the way, especially politically that art speaks to all people, in all circumstances and gives them a chance to hear and be heard.

Graffiti statements tell people what they don’t want to hear. It forces the ignorant to think about whom they are and see the perspective of other peoples’ lives for good or bad and spread awareness for injustices. Many people however will disagree that graffiti will bring division into society. As much as we wish to believe the possible hate is manageable or for inequity people can’t always be trusted. The issue is, saying that you as a person can write what you want to say to the world freely, so can everyone else no matter how terrible or wrong it may be. This ability meanі possible harmful threats, or even racist, homophobic, and anti-relgious writings. Also, people would have the ability to write on things such as stop signs or churches that we need to be clean out of safety and respect. This is why limitations would be effective and important to keep this law peaceful. The future of graffiti is still undetermined. There needs to be a way for all people, with any situation to communicate their opinions and feelings. With the proper restrictions this way should definitely be through graffiti. As Robert Montgomery once wrote when describing graffiti, “They make the city a free space of diverse voices. ”

10 October 2020

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