How The Phenomenon Of Globalization Affects Our Civilization

This study examines how the phenomenon of globalization affects our civilization. Globalization is firmly required by the overall population and nation to go ahead and turn into a developed society and country. It is the process of growing and expanding the business services and technologies all through the world.

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The purpose of this study is to explore and investigate some of the different factors that influence their culture, communication, traditions, transactions, social media and more. The objective is to analyze the demographics change that is happening in our world and to decide whether it is good or bad on this developing globalization. In every country, there are different beliefs, traditions, and languages that affect the society. Despite being diverse from each other there still a way that different beliefs can connect, according to W. Edwards Deming that the societies are no longer live in separation because of the year by year data streams flows across numerous nations on the planet and interfaces the connection of individuals on the world.

Webber (1969) recognized three predominant that are adding to this homogenizing impact on culture. They are (1) technology, (2) the emancipation of workers from poverty and need and (3) education. As new ages grow, new mechanical gadgets keep on creating and human knowledge are getting smarter. Every nation is developing, updating and improving through these extraordinary improvements to our world that we can now easily communicate with each other through nonstop communication anywhere at any time using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and more endless source of entertainment. Technology has greatly affected all the essential parts of every one of our societies including dialect, art, medical, transaction, technologies, social media, education, and religion. For example changes in medicinal services have allowed to specialists to treat their patients in a domain that is virtual using mediums, the satellites are used to transmit TV and other images around the world, the global positioning systems (GPS) and global navigation systems (GNS) helps us to track and locate and many more.

Ritzer, George (2011) asserted that they are three theories of globalization – cultural differentialism, hybridization and convergence. These speculations are dealt with the heading of culture; they have relevance to numerous issues, for example, it could be argued that nation – states throughout the world remain stubbornly different (“differentialism”), are growing increasingly alike (“convergence”), or involve more and more combinations of various political forms drawn from many different parts of the world (“hybridization”).

There are a lot of issues pertaining this present globalization but one of this controversial issue is whether globalization can have the potential to lead to a brighter and productive economic for the world community and civilization of nations as a whole, or either it further aggravate the economic absences around the globe’s increasing poverty. No one discussed the claims that free-market enterprise has the potential to create and produce wealth creation, or that economic growth is good for the poor. Helping to diminished economic imbalance and deprivation can be the key to the issue of globalization. New civilizations are often reconstructed versions of great and mounting civilizations.

13 January 2020

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