How Watching Tv Makes People Smarter

The motion of today’s debate is “Watching TV Makes Us Smarter”. I represent my team to declare that we would strongly stand on the proposition side since there are many information on TV that everyone could be able to learn from watching it.

First of all, we can always receive some updated important information from some professionals interviewed through watching TV news. It is clear that many in society do not necessarily know what is going on at the moment, how to deal with some social issues or who is right or wrong in some certain hot topics. For instance, the recent deadly coronavirus spreading all over the world especially in Asia has been terrifying every citizen in Asian states. In Hong Kong, many do not know what to do to avoid getting infected. After knowing that the virus causes death, many are very panic. The reason why people are panic is that they do not know any way to deal with the virus or to prevent infections. After many professionals doing researches in their fields and explain to the public how would this type of virus passes between human and how should we maintain personal health, many are relieved, because they are equipped with knowledge about the virus, and they would not need to afraid of something that is not known. Sometimes when the public has some kind of questions, they can watch the government press conference broadcasts on TV to get the newest information about the current situation as soon as possible, which is able to make the public know what to do exactly to protect themselves and obviously make them smarter in dealing with deadly disease.

Apart from providing us with updated information, watching TV dramas can also make audiences learn from them. Many may see dramas as a kind of entertainment during their meals only, but if they look deep into it, they would know that the characters in the dramas are mainly reflecting the situation in our daily life. The way how the main character get bullied in workplace or among his schoolmates and overcomes them to become stronger, the way how the evil character is always smarter than many innocents and hurts them with grinning on their face, the way how a character see the world in different views after he grows up, etc. are all telling us audience what is really happening in society, that what should we really do to deal with the interpersonal relationship problems. If we are able to find out that the dramas reflect our daily life relationship problems, we might be able to stay alert by becoming smarter to avoid making the same mistake the characters in the dramas made or able to predict what would happen if we are not careful enough in everything. So, watching TV can clearly make one become smarter.

Finally and most importantly, watching TV can let us discover and thus develop our personal strength. There are many different TV programmes that allows us to understand more about the world, especially for youngsters. Teenagers may not be able to find out what is their goal to reach in the future so they would not try to develop themselves. However, with the aid of watching TV programmes, they might find out the world is really big for them to explore, and that they are able to gain some knowledge like English word pronunciations, dancing methods or some animal fun facts. These can all drive them to think about what is their goal through the knowledge provided by the TV programmes, and the information given by the TV programmes have given them a starter to go on explore in their corresponding interested field, so as to develop their personal skills. Thus, watching TV can make people become smarter by giving them motivation to develop their strength.

Of course there can be good TV programmes as well as bad ones, but as long as the audiences are able to distinguish between the good and bad ones, which might need the help of parents, bad TV programmes can also have their educational purposes to make people smarter. All in all, we do think that watching TV makes us smarter because there are many up-to-date information that is useful to everyone of us.

16 December 2021
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