Impacts Of Critical Thinking On Growth Mindset


In the articles “Learning to Think” and “Growth Mindset”, the authors describe how critical thinking can impact lives immensely. Both articles present the idea that if people think positive then their results will become more positive. While developing a more positive mindset may be tough to do, it is possible if one puts in the effort to do so. Critical thinking starts with having an open mind, and training the brain to get successful outcomes. As all people make decisions without knowing the reasoning why, it impacts students in school and myself as well.

Reflection of the Article

Most people in the world today do not truly know the reasoning behind the decisions they make, and they make certain decisions with the perception of positive results; therefore, decisions resulting in failure are sought to define people and drag them down. Failure can result in people wanting to achieve more than possible, which can be prevented by progressing slowly towards achievements, instead of taking in too much at one time. Expecting too much can cause people to not think they are not successful when they make small progress, which can result in the loss of ones outlook on their future. In addition, open-mindedness can allow the brain to connect with actions people are performing. People can almost train their minds to get the results they want. For example, thinking positively can result in a more successful outcome. Having a positive mindset can be developed by anyone who has the desire to put in the effort. Developing this positive mindset requires effort and can be achieved by training the brain. It starts by seeing things from other people perspectives, thinking positively, and creating goals that do not limit any outlooks in the future. All of these changes show that individuals have learned to think critically, and will create more successes in their future.

Impact on Society

Critical thinking causes people to effectively change their mindsets, which can potentially result in mores successes. Research by Carol Dweck has shown that students mindsets play a huge role in their success, and students can change their mindset to receive different results. Dweck interprets that students who believe that they can become successful create more success in their lives than students who have a fixed mindset, or do not necessarily believe they can develop their intelligence (Dweck, 2019). Teachers need to take action in school districts to encourage students to adopt a growth mindset. To develop this growth mindset teachers need to teach the students how to improve their intelligence, and help them learn that it is possible to create mores success. Once the students feel that they have the ability to grow, they begin to think more positively, which ultimately allows the brain to create successful outcomes. Also, Dweck infers that instead of praising students for trying, teachers need to talk to the children and help them decide what did not work and what they can try in the future (Dweck, 2019). With a structured program the students will start to feel more open to trying new things. And although they are not always praised for trying, the teachers need to help the students understand that mistakes can help them learn for the future. Last, Dweck explains that the teachers themselves need to have a growth mindset, because if the teachers are not setting an example for the students it can initially setback their ability to adapt a growth mindset. Critical thinking plays a significant role throughout every school in the world. Not only students, but also teachers need to think more critically. As teachers start to think critically, they will begin to develop a more positive mindset, and they will also be a perfect example for the students. The students will learn from the teachers and begin to think critically as well. Once school districts create this well structured program, students and teachers will achieve more of their goals and become more successful.

Relevance to Personal Experience

Personally, this author has dealt with many mindset involved experiences throughout her life. She has always played volleyball ever since she can remember, and a positive mindset is crucial to success in this sport. Not too long ago she was struggling in travel volleyball tournaments, and she was not playing to her full potential. As her performance continued to worsen, she let her failure define her. She was constantly tearing herself down and this caused her mindset to become negative. She no longer believed in herself, she though that she was not good at volleyball. Not only did this mindset effect her playing, but also her team was beginning to suffer as well. Her coach then talked to her about how changing from a negative to positive mindset will help her become more successful. Changing her mindset was not easy, it took dedication and effort, but she slowly became a more positive thinker. As she started to believe in herself again and not let her mistakes define her, she started to learn from her mistakes, and her performance changed immensely. Before every game she would tell herself she is going to play amazing, and she would imagine herself performing with perfection in her head. This comes to show how important the brain can truly be. Thinking critically about the decisions people make and becoming open minded to constructive criticism from others, can help individuals train their brains to get the results they want.


Critical thinking begins the process to developing a positive mindset. While creating this mindset takes effort, people around the world can increase their mindset. Starting with an open mind, people can train their brains to get the results they want to see. Once people become more open minded, think about decisions before they make them, and tell their brain what they want in the future, their goals will become closer and they will become more successful throughout their lives; however, this is all a process of critical thinking.


  1. Dweck, C. (2015). Carol Dweck revisits the growth mindset. Education Week, 35(5), 20-24. “Learning to Think”. (n.d.).
09 March 2021
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