Incomprehensible Sources of International Law Within the International Court of Justice

It is an obligation on the topics of International Law to look at the policies of International Court of Justice. A query arises as to from where such policies have come into existence in International Law? Methods with the aid of which these policies have been discovered or created are regarded as the sources of International Law? But what are the techniques with the aid of which guidelines have been discovered or created, or to say, what are the sources of International Law are now not exactly clear in the absence of codified rule in this regard? 

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International Law Commission whilst making survey of International Law with a view to pick out the matters for codification, discussed the subject matter of ‘Sources of International Law’ for codification. However, it decided not to vicinity the theme on the listing of the appropriate topics for codification. It was regarded through the members that from the factor of view of clarity the codification of the sources of In-ternational Law would have more dangers than advantages. In the absence of any codified law on the sources of International Law, Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice has end up applicable which directs the Court to apply:

  1. global conventions, whether or not familiar or unique establishing rules expressly acknowledged via the contesting States;
  2. worldwide custom, as evidence of a conventional practice well-known as law;
  3. the regularly occurring ideas of regulation known by using civilised nations;
  4. difficulty to the provisions of Article 59, judicial decisions and the teachings of the most fair-ly certified publicists of the a number of nations, as subsidiary capacity for the determination of guidelines of law.


This provision shall no longer prejudice the electricity of the Court to decide a case ex aequo et bono, if the events agree thereto. The above is the textual content of the very best authority. It is commonly considered as a whole announcement on the sources of International Law, in spite of the truth that the Article does no longer refer anywhere the expression ‘sources’. They are applied now not only by means of the International Court of Justice but also symbolize the exercise of the tribunals. A factor which is relevant to observe is that the Court is expected to apply the above sources in order in which they appear.

International Law within the International Court of Justice is dynamic and fast changing with the passage of time. The growing scope of International Law has widened the scope for the introduction of new strategies of regulation making so that it can serve the wishes of global community more effectively. 

07 July 2022

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