Influencer Activity Analysis: Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, advocating for children's rights. She is one of the most well-known social media influencers in the world. My report will identify and analyse her social media channels while providing information on the demography she appeals to. It will also analyze how businesses can benefit from her online influence.

Canadian influencer and YouTube star Lilly Singh commands a strong influence in the world of social media, fashion and popular culture. Her YouTube channel boasts of over14 million subscribers and she topped the2017 Forbes Top Influencers list in the entertainment category. Not just YouTube, Singh is popular on Instagram too. She has over 8 million followers on Instagram and her Facebook page is liked by around 3 million people. In 2010, Singh graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has received an MTV Fandom Award, four StreamyAwards, two Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award to date.

Analysis of social media platforms

Purpose: Singh promotes products, initiatives and much more through her YouTube channel. All her videos are scripted to appeal to her base – the youth.

Effectiveness: After careful analysis of Lilly Singh’s YouTube channel, I figured her content attracts one particular demography. All her videos are scripted to suit the millennial narrative. The language, tone, style and topics chosen are popular among the youth. She also provides links to the products/services/causes she promotes so one can look it up online easily. The videos are short and funny. Businesses in the entertainment industry can benefit from her influence on YouTube as she can collaborate with them and get them popular on social media too.

Platform: YouTube

Engagement: Lilly Singh is regular on YouTube and uploads at least one video every week. She often cross promotes her content on different platforms. Most of her videos are on popular culture and is tailor-made for the youth. Over 1. 5 million people watch her YouTube videos each day with an engagement rate of 0. 80 percent perpost. She also posts short videos and promotes her YouTube content on Instagram. On an average, around 200, 000 followers like each of her posts. Her engagement rate is 3. 10 percent per post.

Purpose: Lilly Singh’s Instagram account boasts of pictures from different parts of the world. She posts her travel pictures while promoting brands/causes she supports. Off late, she has been posting a lot about her #GirlLove initiative.

Instagram also acts as Singh’s alternative to YouTube. Sometimes, she posts short clips from her YouTube videos on her Instagram and puts the external link in the bio so followers can be redirected to YouTube.

Effectiveness: After analyzing Lilly’s profile, it seems businesses in the fashion and entertainment industry can benefit from her Instagram influence. Most of her posts carry several tags that helps people reach the brand’s Instagram handle. At the same time, a long bio is a very common feature of her posts. For instance, one of her posts on October 4 about the #GirlLove campaign demonstrates effective use of the bio for promoting her website, product, as well as the charitable cause at the same time.

Several clothing/lifestyle brands can take advantage of this strategy

Platform: Instagram

Engagement: On Instagram, Lilly Singh connects with over 8million fans from all over the world. She posts about her #GirlLove initiative that seeks to empower girls worldwide.

Platform: Facebook

Engagement: Each of her posts get around 5000 likes and130 comments. The numbers aren’t high due to her target demography, the youth, who have left Facebook for other platforms. The engagement rate is 0. 18 percent per post.

Purpose: Much like Twitter, Lilly Singh uses her Facebook to promote herInstagram and YouTube posts.

Effectiveness: Singh’s Facebook isn’t the most effective platform for promotions. I think it’s not very important to focus on this channel as her target audience, the youth, isn’t using Facebook much these days. Facebook has become fairly unpopular among millennial. However, the platform can still be used for cross promotions and can continue to drive audience, even if it’s little.

Platform: Twitter

Engagement: On an average, Lilly receives 418 retweetsand 3000 likes per post. She tweets twice a day usually. She has tweeted around 40, 000 times till date.

Purpose: Much like Facebook, Lilly Singh uses Twitter for promoting her YouTube/Instagram content. She also interacts with Twitter users at times. Sometimes, she uses Twitter to endorse content posted by others too.

Effectiveness: Twitter isn’t the most popular platform for the demographic she serves. But it’s important for her to be on the platform as it has become a necessity for popular individuals across the world off late. From a business perspective, Lilly can continue using Twitter to share her content from other platforms as well as endorse products/services she is associated with. But Twitter can definitely not be the primary platform for her.

Audience analysis

Due to her content, style and social image, Lilly Singh’s demographic is the same on all her social media channels. She appeals the most to 25-year olds and is the most followed by women. In fact, 75 percent of her fans are women. Singh’s followers are interested in travel, fashion and music. Despite being Canadian, Klear. comrevealed most of Lilly Singh’s fans reside in the USA and India. In fact, only 8 percent of her fans reside in Canada followed by 6 percent in the United Kingdom. A closer look at the data also revealed that fashion is the most popular area Lilly Singh has the most influence in.

Business analysis

Lilly Singh’s primary influence so far has been in the area of fashion and popular culture. However, she has emerged as a popular campaigner for education of girls. Singh is an influencer who just doesn’t fit in a single category. Businesses can take advantage of Lilly Singh’s influence in a variety of ways. For the purpose of this assignment, I have thought of brands that can use Lilly Singh’s influence effectively in their campaigns.

Forever 21

Forever 21 has grown into a youth centric fashion brand loved by millions across the world. The brand has several clothing lines: XXI Forever, Love 21, Heritage. The brand caters to women under the age of30 and Lilly Singh is popular and influential in the demographic. Most of the products Singh promotes are not too expensive and fits into the lives of her followers. Forever 21 can influence to build a stronger brand. Brand has 506 stores in the United States and 21 stores in India. Interestingly, Singh has her influence both themarkets. As Forever 21 gets more digital by the day, Lilly Singh can also help them promote their products on her Instagram and put the link in the content section for convenience.


Another business that can benefit from Lilly Singh’s influence is Sephora. The French multinational has stores across the world with considerable presence in Canada and United States. Sephora also has stores in India and theUK, both countries Singh is popular in. Most of Sephora’s customers are in the age group of 24-30. Singh influences people in this demographic in the markets Sephora operatesin. Singh can post content about Sephora products. Her videos are watched by millions and it can influence a large section of herviewers. She can post pictures of Sephora products too. It can help connect the brand to millions.

18 May 2020
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