Internal And External Conflicts In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

In modern day societies we consider conflict a part of our everyday lives, making it easier tohandle. Throughout ​The Crucible ​any conflict presented, resulted in a world of chaos which they did not know how to properly handle. Elizabeth Proctor deals with internal and external conflict in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, as she showcases the fluctuation of her personality throughout the play. Throughout various scenes and acts, it is noticed that Elizabeth has several different emotions regarding John and Abigail’s affair, and her being accused of hurting Abigail. Upon the realization of Abigail Williams and John Proctor’s affair, Elizabeth was overwhelmed with devastation. She was confused on how to feel, which is normal. Elizabeth starts to get suspiciouswhen she finds out John has been lying about seeing Abigail. Elizabeth says on page 28,” You werealone with her?” She follows it with, “Why then is it not as you told me?” She is torn between trusting her husband, she has only perceived to be a good man, or to call him out for what he really is. There is a change in her attitude towards John when she hears that Abigail is being looked at as a saint. Elizabeth wants John to out the truth about her, but this is only to get back at Abigail for the affair she had with Elizabeth’s husband. Elizabeth showcases internal conflict because it is typical for a woman to have insecurities when there is infidelity in the marriage. Elizabeth was flabbergasted when Reverend Hale came and told her that her name was mentioned in court. She realizes that Abigail was still trying to get her out the picture so she could marry Proctor.

Abigail has control over Mary, and convinces her to place a poppet in the Proctor household. Elizabeth knows it isn’t hers because she has not held a poppet since she was a child. The poppet symbolizeswitchcraft because if there is a puncture wound in the same place as Abigail’s injury, Elizabeth was using voodoo to harm her. If Elizabeth did use the poppet, she will be accused of witchcraft and executed. Elizabeth shows external conflict by using the quote, “You’ll tear it free-when you come to know that Iwill be your only wife, or no wife at all. She has an arrow in you yet, John Proctor, and you know itwell.” This shows external conflict because she feels like John has been taking up for Abigail andhe still wants to be with her. Elizabeth Proctor has no control over what happens to her husband. Herbeing convicted resulted in several downfalls. She had no clue that Proctor announced his affair in court, so she denies it. He has to agree to have dealings with the devil. This finally resulted in Proctor’s death. The play ​The Crucible​ can be really used to express conflicts throughout the world. There are several topics related to the Salem Witch Trials such as homosexuality, religion, etc. The Crucible shows how when people aren’t familiar with problems or things going on, they choose the worst possible explanation. This leads to fear and results in several deaths throughout the play. In reality, when there is a problem it is best to figure out more about the situation rather than just acting out of emotion.

01 February 2021
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