Introduction To Visual And Interactive Programming: Mobile Banking Application Analysis And Suggestions


The Mobile Banking Application I have chosen is Maybank. This application is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Maybank was founded in 1960. Maybank’s vision is Advancing Asia’s Ambition with You and their mission is providing people with convenient access to financing, having fair terms and pricing, advising customers based on their needs, and being at the heart of community. The Maybank2u application was launched on March 14, 2017.I chose this application as it’s extremely popular among university students due to its ease of access. This is because they have more ATM machines in Malaysia, when compared to other banks. My objective is to make the Maybank2u application more user-friendly and lead it on its way to becoming an All-In-One application for users. The target audience for the application is employees and students.


  1. AI Chatbot Assistant
  2. AI Chatbot Assistant. With the development of technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI), users can chat with a bot to get tasks done. For instance, users can ask the AI bot to check their current balance in their bank account without entering the mobile application itself. Its benefits include:

    1. Uninterrupted customer support
    2. In case of an emergency, users can quickly chat with an AI bot to get information. Sometimes, customer support may not be available at some areas. Therefore, with the chatbot, customers can reach for help easily and efficiently. According to statistics by Ruby Garage, 4 minutes is the average time saved per chatbot enquiry compared to traditional call centers.

    3. Provides personalized marketing strategies
    4. Chatbots collect all personal data based on our profile and settings. Therefore, it can provide users with promotions and discounts based on their profile information and preferences which are beneficial for both parties, the user and the bank. Therefore, a good suggestion to improve the mobile banking application of Maybank is implementing AI chatbots to improve user satisfaction, as well as be more reputable in the banking industry.

  3. Locking of Cards
  4. Ever lost your credit or debit card? Ever had your card used for unauthorized transactions before you deactivated it? Well, this feature allows users to immediately deactivate their registered cards and block future transactions. Usually, one would have to call the branch and request deactivation. This process could be delayed as it is not automated and takes extra time. This feature is available in the Capital One mobile banking application and has received positive feedback from users. Therefore, I suggest this feature to be implemented in Maybank’s mobile banking application. Here is how it works:

    1. When a card is stolen or lost, the user just has to login into the Maybank mobile application and click Lock Card function and follow the on-screen instructions.
    2. Card will be locked until the user visits the nearest branch and settle the issues regarding the stolen, misplaced, or lost credit or debit card.
  5. Depositing Cheques
  6. This feature has made many users lives easier. This feature has been made possible by the Bank of America and received positive feedback. Therefore, this should be implemented into Maybank’s mobile banking application. Usually, users must go to a bank to deposit a cheque. To deposit a cheque via mobile application, a few simple steps needed to be done include:

    1. Use camera to scan the front and back of a cheque for verification purposes.
    2. Choose an account to deposit the cheque and key in the amount.
    3. Wait for a confirmation message from the bank to know the cheque is being processed. That is all that must be done. This will be useful for students and workers who receive allowances and salaries in the form of a cheque. With this, they can deposit it anywhere and at any time. In addition, it reduces the number of people going to banks.
  7. ATM and Branch Locator
  8. This feature is useful for international students and Maybank users. This feature allows users to find the nearest branch or ATM location, to make enquiries or withdraw cash. With this feature integrated into the application, it would be a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for Maybank, as there are no other mobile banking applications who have this feature. How it works?

    1. Get user location coordinates via GPS
    2. Locate nearest ATM and branches.

    International students who are not familiar with their area, will find this feature extra convenient.

  9. Expense Calculator and Advisor
  10. This feature is useful for almost anyone who uses credit and debit cards. Most people tend to forget what they spend their money on. This causes poor financial management and stress to a person. This feature has been implemented by other banks such as CIMB Bank. How does it work?

    1. Every transaction made from the credit or debit card will be automatically tagged with a category such as food, electronics, accessories, flight tickets, and car loans.
    2. No manual tracking is needed; therefore, the expense calculator will be very accurate. Students can now monitor their expenses more carefully and always have good financial management.


All my suggestions were given after doing research, based on my experience using the Maybank2u mobile banking application. I have thought of some similar ideas that were also found among feedback provided by other Maybank2u application users on their official website. Therefore, it proves that some aspects should be improved as soon as possible to ensure the app is user-friendly. Furthermore, I have some advice for the app developers. Protecting users’ privacy and information is one of the most important responsibilities in the app development industry. Without good protection features, the application would not last long. Although this is a compulsory assignment, Maybank2u mobile app needs some improvement to increase its overall efficiency and productivity. Most users who observe small issues within the application, tend to ignore them. Therefore, this assignment is a good opportunity to voice our feedback and suggestions pertaining the weakness of the Maybank2u app. As a result, it can increase both creativity and class-consciousness among users. It is an ability that we should master well, to climb to a higher peak in our future undertakings.

13 January 2020
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