Irrationality In The Modern Society

Most societies have animal in their menu and this is one of our favorite meals. In Jonathan Foer’s “Let them eat dog” article, Foer explains that we choose not to eat animals such as dogs, because we consider them smarter than other animals and we believe they have the ability to be our friends. However we happily eat cows, chickens and other animals which are just as smart as dogs, and also have the capacity of being our friends. He argues that we would be outraged if we treated dogs the same way we treat other animals in slaughter houses. Foer’s overall message is that our food choices are irrational and are based on “culture, habit, craving, and identity”. Just like our food choices are irrational so is our belief in religion and God. Religion is irrational because it cannot be proven scientifically. The irrationality of religion also creates societal problems.

With science we can visually observe and predict events. Hypothesis that were originally only theoretical were eventually proven to be true once newer technologies and understandings arose. Gravitational waves for example were just recently discovered by scientist and they were originally predicted one hundred years ago by Albert Einstein. These predictions prove that science is able to predict and reinforce its findings with evidence. However, religion is based on old ancient texts that contain fictional stories. These stories try to explain the natural world around us without using any proof or science. On the other hand science uses math and evidence to come to a conclusion and to prove its ideas correct. Scientific theories are formed by gathering vast amounts of evidence and they go thru a lot of peer review till they become solid and well known. On the other hand religious stories are just stories that claim to be true because they are inspired by God. In Christianity for example the story of Genesis in the bible is absurd and lacking in evidence. The story explains how God created the universe in seven days and it includes details of the process. There is no scientific evidence to back this event. If we look in to what science claims, we know that the universe came from the big bang. We know the big bang happened because if we observe the universe we can see that it is expanding. If we retrace the expansion it leads back to a single point. We also know that the universe is thirteen trillion years old .Scientist know the age of the universe because they measured the age of the oldest stars in the universe and also the rate at which the universe is expanding .The creation story in Genesis is absurd and not possible based on the knowledge that we have.

Most people believe in their religion due to societal pressure such as family and friends. They believe in their religion because they do not want to be alienated from their friends or family. If one chooses to disbelieve then they are labeled as the black sheep and they are treated differently. People like to be seen in a good light and they do not appreciate being set aside and abandoned. Telling society you are a disbeliever can have negative effects.

Some people also believe that if they do not practice religion they are considered immoral people. Society has created a dark and evil image of atheist. Making atheist appear as if they are not human and are instead criminals with no conscience. Atheists are seen as immoral monsters that lack compassion and dignity. On the contrary atheists in general are more compassionate and understanding of the suffering of the world then most religious people. Atheist think more logically and are able to problem solve better. Most countries with the lowest crime rate are atheist which shows that atheism does not affect the morality of society negatively. Morality is completely subjective and is based on our own ideas of what is right and wrong. We do not need religion to be moral. It is better for us to discover how to be moral on our own using our critical thinking abilities. We can then decide how to structure and run our society based on what we deem to be fair and just.

Religion stops people from fully living their lives and making their own choices. In places such as Iran, religion has a greater influence in the government. They have laws that force women to wear hijabs. They also have laws banning women from certain spaces and activities. Homosexuality is also illegal and may even be punishable by death. When an irrational belief starts to control government and suppress the rights of citizens that is when an irrational belief has become dangerous and harmful towards the development of human expression and freedom.

The existence of God cannot be proven to be true in any religion. People who claim they can prove God are being dishonest. When asked what their evidence for God is, they always respond with claiming to have felt or experienced God. They consider feeling the presence of God as proof for his existence. Having a feeling or sensation does not equate to something being real. A person could claim they feel in their soul that vampires are real but that would not prove that vampires actually exist. Real evidence is needed in order to prove something exists. We have to be able to study and experiment with something in order to know that it is present in the real world. God is an idea that cannot be proven true in any religion regardless of believers who claim they can.

Thus, religion is irrational because its foundation of ideas lack credibility. In contrast science has a plethora of evidence to back its claims. Science allows us to predict events with precision and explain phenomena with accuracy. Religion only contains old ancient writings that have no proof. People believe in religion due to society and indoctrination and most feel it is immoral to not practice a religion. The irrationality of religion has also affected certain governments around the world and it has allowed the governments to suppress freedom of expression. Religion is irrational because the main source of its teachings is also missing and that is the existence of God. If we want to live in a more just and correct world then we have to forget irrational religion and embrace rational science. Our dream as humans is to explore and grow and to continue to learn. We have to keep expanding and improving if we wish to survive in this universe and thrive.

03 December 2019
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