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Is An American Dream A Reality?

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The American dream has been around since the 1900s era. The American dream is where everyone lives a lavish and high and life in luxury. The American dream is where everyone tried to fight for their dreams and go beyond the line and achieve it. The American dream is still alive and doing well in our generation. But its based on a whole different aspect than what it was in the 1900s era. As the perfect American dream was to have a decent life, living in a suburban house, having two kids, and being well respected. However, its quietly different in this generation.

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Having a family, kids is not in the American board , until a really long time in the near future. Living your life in extravagant houses, companies , fame and fortune . fame on social media is a huge dream for practically everyone. kids these days get influenced by the famous entertainers on social media. They look up to them and aspire to be them . they look at their lives and compare to the influencers and aspire to be. People in this decade find it much harder to live the American dream or try to achieve it due to the excessive cost of it.

Dreaming gives you that euphoric feeling that you are experiencing it when you are purely fantasizing about how your life would have been if you lived, dressed, or simply abided by that routine of the American Dream lifestyle. The American dream is when everyone tried and believed they can change and achieve and have new opportunities to live their lives in that way. Dreaming is the way where you see yourself living in the life you always had an illusion of.

The American dream goes back to the old generation where people were living in a non-equal place, and their only escape was to dream their way out of reality. The American dream was first introduced by historian James Trust low Adams in his book in 1931. At that time The United States was suffering from The Great Depression. And their only escape was reading his books and having an illusion about the lives they dreamed of living in. People to this day still believe in the American dream or any dream in general.

People in this generation are provided with more opportunities to achieve their dreams than people who lived in 1900s era. With more technologies and the education system being different than what it was in the 1900s. Even though, the American dream was based on another different perspective in the 1900s than what it is today, but people still believe in the American dream. For instance, children’s who live in foster care or orphanages have the habit to dream beyond reality. They usually have their own private creation in their minds. They keep pushing reality aside and focusing on their imaginary lives. They’ve been through a lot of obstacles in their childhood of losing their parents or being neglected and abandoned by their families.

Due to what they have been through, they reach out to the American dream to give them hope and console. Illustrating immigrants for example, they achieve their goals by leaving their countries and loved ones to pursue their dreams and begin a new life. They didn’t lose hope. They went through loneliness and hardships alone just to go after their American dream. However, the American dream in this generation is different than what it was in the 1900s era. In the 1900s having a decent job, well respected family, kids, living in a suburban house, etc.

In our current generation the solemn American dream is fame. Fame has been around for a really long time, but it recently just became popular, the media outlet such as Instagram, snapchat, YouTube, etc. Are huge income sources for the people that work in that field. Not only do they make a lot of money doing advertisements and commercials, they get fame and followers too, therefore kids who follow them on social media strive to be like them. Having tons of followers on the social media’s platform is every teenagers American dream.

The idea of having people idolizing you and following your every move, what you wear, what you are interested in, and your friends, attracts people especially teenagers attention. That’s the life they intend to live in, in luxury while everyone is following them and trying to copy their every move. It’s what everyone’s American dream is nowadays. On the other hand, some people would argue with this reasoning. To them the American dream has been dead for a really long time. Fantasizing about living in a way of live is pointless and invalid to them. Why dream of something when you know it would never happen? In our modern generation everything is controlled by money and how much they cost. To say the least, everything around us is expensive, unless you come from a really wealthy background. The majority of people in our world are living in poverty and unfairness.

How could they dream of something so big and prosperous when they cant even find food to feed themselves? Therefore, a majority of people gave up on dreaming in general because of the things you need to do in return of achieving those big goals of yours. They can’t pay for the fees that would cost them to get to their American dream, whether it’s a well-known university or the life expenses living abroad. Being hit with those realities people just lose hope and give up on their American dream and go on with the life they are currently living in.

To sum it all up, people living in this generation still view the American dream as a mediating method of living the life you always wanted to live in and forget all about reality for a moment. They still hold on to hope, wish for the best, and for god to guide them in the right direction and fulfill their desires for their dream life. Some of them normally would go over the line to achieve it no matter what, that’s how our generation has a huge number of achievers in different fields of interest. Motivating people not to give up on their American dream.

11 February 2020

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