Job Overview Of A Graphic Designer

Graphic Design also called as Visual Communication it is a communication process created by hand or by using computer software. To create graphic designs, designers are using methods to create and put together words, symbols and images to create visual messages. 

Graphic Design developed in the 1980s when personal computers became available to a wider audience. Earlier, due to the technical limitations of computer equipment and its high cost, graphic design was a unique specialization. Graphic Design is nowadays a field of art that can compete equally with painting or sculpture and it is difficult to imagine the functioning of many areas of human life without the possibilities that graphic design brings. 

Graphic Designer is the person who combines a variety of media, art, and technology to create and preparing all kinds of advertising material and publications. He is responsible for creating vector graphics (company logos, charts, drawings, etc.), matching fonts to the text, setting spacing, style, size indentations how to set titles and subheadings publications and finally the performance of desktop publishing (combining text with photos and laying them on the page). The current advertising market is so big, that graphic designer has a large choice of what forms he wants to deal with. He can be employed in many places such as publishing houses, advertising agencies and computer graphics studios. Usually the graphic designer works individually but sometimes he needs cooperation with the team or the client The result of his work can be books, leaflets, posters, brochures, billboards, animations, websites, banners, special effects, business cards, magazines, labels on packaging, various types of advertising materials (e.g. logo, letterhead designs, etc.).

The term Graphic Designer was invented in 1922 by book designer William Addison Dwinggs and the term did not achieve widespread use until after the Second World War. The main tool used in Graphic Design is the computer - the most important programs used are: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator and InDesign Corel Draw. 

Some jobs opportunities: Art Director, Creative Director, Drafter (Architecture and Engineering), Film and Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Industrial/Product Designer, Marketing Manager, Multimedia Artist/Animator, Technical Writer, Web Designer. 

Examples of Graphic Designer jobs that interest me: Junior Animator / Motion Graphics Designer, Social Media Creative Designer, Graphic Designer. 

Job role that interests me the most is Graphic Designer. This work involves preparing graphic materials for the needs of clients that will be used in marketing. This job interests me a lot because I always wanted to work in an advertising agency. In such places, creativity and fantasy are 100% used. Thanks to a well-made advertising campaign, the product will start to make a profit. Skills required for this job are: Knowledge in Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite, Creativity, Interest in technology and business. 

Unfortunately, I don't have enough skills to do this job. I am a very creative person, interested in technology and have experience in using Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite. However, I do not have sufficient knowledge of how to create materials that can be used in advertising campaigns. I believe that completing the HND1 in Graphic Design course would allow me to apply for a similar job in the future. 

09 March 2021
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