Kierkegaard’s Philosophical Thinking Towards Life and Human Existence

The purpose of life will always be questioned and everyone and everything’s existence will always be an argumentative. I have known and I had admired Kierkegaard’s perspective towards life and towards existence. He has questioned anxiety, boredom, life, God, religion, the validity of existence and a prude judgement towards idealistic point of views. Kierkegaard’s abstract matter of thinking has enlightened me and provide foundation towards my thinking about life, his skepticism towards the flight of boredom and his valorization towards possibility and egotism fragmentation has thoroughly hold and served me valuable information and questions that would later be answered by his ironic and destructive way of thinking. Kierkegaard has a perspective about the three stages or three philosophical thinking towards life and that is Aesthetic, Ethics, and Religion. Towards the movement and idea of life, he greatly distinguished the different stages and such of this fundamental learning of what is life.

The Aesthetic Stage 

Kierkegaard’s idea towards this stage is that everyone or people are often distinguished and formed by pleasure of experience and beauty, it may seem vain and egoistic but that is the furrow idea of aesthetic for Kierkegaard. A bundle of excitement and idealistic vision to eradicate the foundation of boredom, and to let people focus on enrichment and personal gain, but this no longer exclude what is actual. Aesthetic stage seems to be lacking and seems to be off-putting and only ideal for a pleasure for oneself and that is when Kierkegaard entered the next stage which is the Ethics Stage.

The Ethics Stage

Towards Ethics Stage it is said to have uphold more than one meaning, one of them being as a/n “universal”, the ethic stage is where the Aesthetic stage is illuminated and service towards community is justified, yet it does not justify as a term for social norms or any justification towards society. The ethical life is a proponent of an establish consistent and a good ruling society. It allows diverse people to coexist, afford and offer pleasure that The Aesthetic stage lack, yet the repetition of this stage can later on lead to boredom which would serves as a conflict of perspective towards self-exploration and social norms. Then this is where the last and third stage comes in Religious stage. 

The Religious Stage

It is said that Kierkegaard has the idea that “no one lives in a truly religious life”. In the religion a person is ruled by a religious life and by faith, one can never be truly free from boredom or other psychological effect in human life but it upholds the idea that we embrace a total faith in God, the possibility of negotiating the rational evident of God allows people to have commit and live within an idea. A human is vulnerable, finite, weak and prone to committing mistakes. God is finite, pure, and eternal, against God we are always the wrong, even though how purely we are we committed mistakes and committed sins. The idea of sin is rather rational for this perspective but it is considered to have an evolution towards a pure human origin, we do understand that faith leads to great outcomes and forgiveness, one of the core reasons why we do trust and believe in God. Faith. A faith in humanity. We were born from nothing, we may have lived for nothing, but would we also end up as nothing? A question that I may have questioned on a daily, but for now I may have found my answer for my own question.

Oberall, for Kierkegaard, “there is only one guilt that God cannot forgive. That of not willing to believe in his greatness!” and “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 

07 July 2022
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