Analysis of Leadership Management In Samsung Electronics

Samsung electronics is technology based large scale organization. Samsung Electronics is one of the largest mobile selling companies in the world after Apple. Samsung manufactures products and appliance which makes the survival of people easier such as Mobile phone, juicers and many more. Samsung is a large scale organization, so they are facing with many issue and challenges. Due to these issues, Samsung is facing a drop in their productivity and products but the most important employees of the company are not satisfied. So, I identified that Samsung is facing different types of issues which are skill management among the employees, Lack of motivation and the most crucial issue of this organization is the turnover of the employees. Detail of these issues is explained in the following paragraph. So, according to my opinion, these internal and external issues of the organization are solved with the help of leadership. Every organization needs a leader who has an ability to lead the group. For executing the vision there must be need of a definite plan and strategy. So, according to me, a leader of the organization has followed a certain leadership style for the betterment of the working environment. So, the recommended styles of the Samsung are Transformational Leadership, Transactional leadership, and Team Leadership. So, in this Leadership Management In Samsung Electronics Essay, there is a brief discussion about how these leadership styles are best for the solving the issues which are faced by this organization. Moreover, there is also a brief discussion about the advantages and disadvantages.

The solution for continuous improvement

Issues and Challenges

The organization faces different types of issues and challenges in the workplace. It can be internal and external. Samsung New Zealand contains a lot of problems in its workplace such as employees are leaving the organization and production of defective products. These issues are internal as well as external. So, these issue and challenges are explained as follows:

Skill Management

Samsung is mainly an electronics company because the majority of their products are based on electronics. As we all know for technology to compete in the market it must consistently be developed and innovated. For example smartphones, Robots. Therefore advancement in technology leads to a change in technology after a certain period of time. So, Employees are facing difficulty with change in techniques which result in a change in working style. It means they have to learn and take knowledge about the new change in the workplace. Because the company needs to adopt that change immediately to march the market needs. So, those way employees feel more stress and demotivated.

Lack of motivation

The second main issue which Samsung is facing nowadays is Lack of motivation. Information Technology (I.T) is changing by the day and it is very crucial to work on it. Because In the workplace of Samsung, employees have to work on radars and in digital slabs such (Silicon chips). There is a change in working style after a while because of advancement but all the work remains the same. So, they have to practice the same work day after day. This practice makes them feel bored which result in stress. So, that is the reason they feel a lack of motivation in them.

Turnover of employees

The most important issue of Samsung is that their most experienced staff is leaving the company. They are leaving the company because they are not satisfied with the service provided by the management. Moreover, they feel unhappy with the less productivity of the company. In addition with, in the technical workplace younger employees have great attitude and knowledge about technology and electronics. So, in other way old employees are feeling inferior and young worker superior.


The solution for skill management

The main solution for skill management is that employees must be given proper and regular training from the skilled and experts technicians about the change in working style due to the change in technology. By getting the training they can do their work easily and quickly. This training can be formal and informal.

Motivating the employees

Employees must be provided by Rewards and recognition in the workplace. These are very little things but it works like a magic. By providing rewards and recognition to employees they feel themselves part of the company and come back to work with enthusiasm. The organization must find just the best person in term of performance and provide certification like an employee of the month and employee of the year.

Personality development sessions or Personal Growth Sessions

The main motive of personal growth sessions or personality development sessions is providing self-motivation and ability to overcome social and internal obstacles (Conger, 1993). In the company personality development sessions must be the arrangement. So that old employees can feel better with the motivation speech given by from the guest speaker and does not consider themselves inferior.

Advantages and disadvantages of solutions

Advantages of Skill Management

The foremost advantage of this solution is that employees are up-to-date with the technology. It helps the organization for maintaining their position in the market and also help the employees to feel enough confident for work and innovation.

The disadvantage of skill Management

The main disadvantage of this solution is that technology is developing day by day. No one can be the master of technology. Employees of the organization must have to learn and get training for the change in technology for work after an interval of time.

The advantage to Motivating the Employees

By motivating the staff they feel more motivated. By providing the rewards and recognition they get back to the work with double energy and with a lot of excitement. They feel that they are the part if the organization and try to do their best in term of innovation and in research. That is why it also increases the productivity of the company.


The working effort of Employees is only limited to get rewards and recognition. These things can prevent employees to think out of the box or to do innovation. The advantage of arranging personality development sessions

The best advantage of this is that old employees do not consider them inferior and understand that they are getting our value able with getting experience. They try to compete with young staff and never feel inferior.


The disadvantage of this there is a chance of ego issues between young employees and old employees.

Recommended Leadership styles that will promote compliance with internal and external requirements

Leadership styles are a technique of the leader to execute strategy for sake of the organization. The issues and challenges which are facing by the Samsung in their workplace can be solved by the user of certain leadership styles. These styles are Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, and Team Leadership.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership style is one of the best leadership styles. This style involves motiving employees and transforms the people with your personality and charisma (Bass, 2016). This leadership style is recommended for Samsung because Manager and Authority of this organization can motivate and influence the employees of the company.

Advantages of Transformational leadership

  • Transmit Enthusiasm

This Leadership style transmits Enthusiasm. Employees feel motivated by the company of their leader. This style creates a joyful and enthusiastic environment. Employees are more focused because all employees like to work in light and healthy environment. So, in the organization having this type of environment have less chance of mistakes. So it is very beneficial for the organization.

  • Formation of Vision

Employees are clearer about the current situation of the organization. This leadership style enthuses employees to take the organization to a level by the vision of leader or manager.


  • False Vision without depth detail

Transformation Leadership involves sharing a vision with employees so they can work harder and reach to the goal. But on another side, this leadership style is not applicable to the organizational workplace. Because it provides temporary motivation to their employees because employees are not permanent they just like their job.

Transactional Leadership

Transactional Leadership is that type of leadership which mainly focuses on supervision of employees. The main motive of this leadership is getting the best output from the employees. This leadership also involves short-term planning.

Advantage and Disadvantages

  • Best Output from employees

The foremost advantage of this leadership is that employees are more focuses on their work because they have a feeling of fear because this leadership includes Punishments. On the other It also motivates the employees to perform well and to do research and Innovation. So employees are motivated to achieve their goal and focus to reach to their goal.

The disadvantage

A) The major disadvantage of this leadership style is the accountability of employees. Because due to the given task they themselves in pressure or in burden. So due to the fear of punishment they do something unethical or unregular to protect themselves. Such as not making the products or appliance with proper focuses or making defective. It is also the reason that Samsung is manufacturing defective products.

Team Leadership

Teamwork becomes more effective when there is a common goal. Samsung should follow this leadership style because teamwork is very important for the organization. Moreover, Assigning work to the group is more valuable then assigning to an individual.

The advantage of this leadership style

  • More Effectiveness

Team leadership is more effective in the presence of a leader. It is very beneficial for the organization for sales proposes. Team leader provides training to the staff and provides training about the conflicts which should be happened at the time.

  • Direction to the employees

Team Leader is like a navigator for the ship. In other words, team leader shows the best way to get the things done. He can pair the best person with each other to get the best output.

Disadvantages of Team leadership

Team Leadership includes working in a team alongside leading the team. This is a disadvantage for this leadership is distraction between the team members. While leading the team, the leader must have frank enough with the members. So by doing that there is a chance of chit chatting and other possible distraction can be faced by the team by working in a closed environment or in close structure.

Employees are the backbone of the organization. They must have treated well by managers and leaders of the company.

Using leadership styles in the workplace can change the working environment of the workplace. After getting informal training for Artificial Intelligence (A.I), software and training of virtual intelligence (V.I) employees of the organization are self-motivated and have more confidence in their work in the workplace. Moreover, they are more focused and able to think about new innovations. After getting personal development sessions employees feels more attached to the organization. In other words, they feel themselves a part of the organization and have a clear vision about the future of the company and they have believed they will reach the height of their career within this organization. Because now they want to leave the company and try their best to maintain the market value of the company.

Organization culture

Organization culture is a style of employees in an organization. It includes their behavior and their relation with others in the organization. The cultural dimension which properly fits under the workplace of Samsung is Individualism and Task oriented.


The issue derived from this cultural dimension is a hunger for getting independence. Individualism like looking after yourself and ignoring other people need on the side. Samsung is also facing this issue because managers and higher authorities are not teaming up with other employees. It can say that there is ego issue in the company.


In task-oriented dimension members of a team does not private (personal) problem. Their only motive is to get work done in the given time. In Samsung, managers and leaders are not taking ethical leadership seriously because they just want to get their work done. It is also a kind of transactional leadership.

In New Zealand, all the business have to follow the guidelines of the treaty of Waitangi. Treaty of Waitangi is a treaty signed by the British crown and the Maori chief. The principles of this treaty are Protection, Participation, and Partnership.

According to my perspective, Samsung is not following all the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi because the principle of protection means the organization needs to protect the Maori environment and give their best to save their land. But on the other hand, Samsung is making more and more powerhouses and damaging the land of Maori people by creating pollution. Moreover, this principle can also be followed if they will prove employment to Māori people. But there are very less Māori are employed. In order to fulfill the requirement of the second principle of the treaty of Waitangi, Samsung is socializing with people in order to generate awareness about cancer and other harmful diseases. They try to involve all the people of all tribes of New Zealand. So, that is why they follow this principle. Samsung does not follow the principle of partnership because they don’t have any partnerships policy.

I personally like Transformational leadership style because transformational leadership style is more people oriented. Transformational leadership style changes the lifestyle of the subordinates. They are more connected with their leaders and Managers because they feel their leader more charismatic and attractive.


To summarize, Samsung is a large-scale organization which manufactures digital products such as smartphones and other appliance which makes the like of humans easier. The identified issues of Samsung are Skill Management and a lack of motivation among the employees because of high work pressure and changes in technology. For this issue, recommended leadership styles are Transactional Leadership, Transactional Leadership, and Team Leadership. All these leadership styles can help the organization to maintain the position of the company in the market. There are some advantages and disadvantage of the styles such as transformational leadership because it enthuses temporary motivation and provides a false vision to the employees. Moreover, cultural dimension plays an important role in the organization. Individualism and Task-oriented is the best cultural dimension of the organization. In Samsung individualism is a very important issue among the leaders and managers because independence is an issue for the employees. Moreover, According to the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, all the companies of New Zealand must follow its principles. Samsung is following just one principle of the Treaty of Waitangi “Participation”. In the end, I can say that transformational leadership is the best leadership style according to my perspective. In this leadership style employees feel more connected to their company.

13 January 2020
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