The Benefits Of Fiber Optic Cables

Similarly to how the Romans created lead pipes about 2500 years ago, or how the first man used different sizes of fire for communication. Modern-day engineers have created the fibre optic cable and lasers to help with a combination of many things. One big thing that they have helped with is the now instant messaging system.

With the discovery of the fibre optic cables, they have been able to send messages like Email text messages and as well as messaging systems like WhatsApp. This has revolutionized the world as a whole and has metaphorically shrunk the world as a whole. by shrinking the world they have altogether improved the world in itself not just one small town in Kansas but the entire race of humans. We are now able to communicate from Paris, France to Seoul, South Korea in seconds were about 100 years ago took over 6 months to communicate one letter. We have shrunk that amount of time by more than 99%. (​https: //sciencedemonstrations. fas. harvard. edu​)

Fibre optic cables work by bouncing off light through a glass tube and reflection to then carry messages. The light has to be reflected by more than 45 degrees or more or it will not carry/reflect the light this is called cladding. The glass tubes are made by heating up the glass to a point of near melting but not melting then twist the glass tubes to then make the light be able to reflect. There are typically more than one tubes of glass that twist around the core that then reflects the light to then transport the.

Some things that Fiber-optic Cables have achieved besides being able to communicate in seconds is that they have also been able to be used for surgery. Which has helped us project different images inside a Homosapien and other animals to then see what is going inside of them without cutting them open. (this is called an endoscope) They do this by 3 reflecting light that comes from a lamp which travels through an optic cable then bounces onto the person injured body part or inside of them then bounces off and goes into another optic cable to then have you look into the cable to see inside the person with the reflecting light.

So with the invention of fibre optic cables, we have shrunk the world in communication and we have all well have been able to go inside many different animals without actually cutting them open. With these great breakthroughs our society as a whole has now been able to communicate and perform surgerys with a lot less risk of death from the doctor.

15 April 2020
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