Louis Xiv: The King Who Changed France

King Louis XIV is a very thought-provoking ruler who changed France like no one before or after him. In his seventy-seven years in power, France was changed in ways never before seen, and with these changes, King Louis XIV became a beacon of change. He was an extremely effective ruler, and with his employment of new political and militaristic methods, his impact lasted long past his reign. Through King Louis XIV’s reign, he proved to be an extremely effective ruler, seen through his ability to protect his people during times of war, his increased impact compared to other world leaders of his time, and his lasting impact on the post-modern world.

A king’s number one responsibility is to defend his people, and during the seventeenth century, many of the world's nations were in a constant battle to come out on top. These nations all needed strong leadership to effectively protect their nation. Nobody succeeded like King Louis XIV. Responsible for creating the first freestanding, paid army, King Louis XIV raised France’s part-time militia to four hundred hundred and thousand full-time soldiers With this rise of never before seen military strength, Louis made France one of the strongest nations in the world during his time. Although not completely successful, many of Louis XIV’s military campaigns proved to be effective. With this rise in military power came fifty ships that permanently guarded the shores of France, along with more than one hundred warships, making France one of the strongest navies in the world. During that same period, France also made great strides in militaristic technologies and advancements, including the matchlock and flintlock muskets, which could be fired and reloaded faster than most other firearms of their time. In addition, the Vauban Fortress was created, a fortress which employed the use of intricate moat designs to protect from attackers. These new improvements were made possible through Louis XIV’s understanding of the need for increased militaristic power.

Along with military power, King Louis proved his effectiveness in the political aspect as well. twenty years after his coronation, King Louis XIVstarted plans and construction of The Palace of Versailles. A massive palace, it quickly became a symbol of power and change, one that represented the change of France as a country and as a new age of government strength. With his rise of superior absolutism and his changes made to his ministers’ authority, Louis XIV improved France’s pre-existing government. Surpassing all French monarchs before him, Louis XIV becoming a role model for other worlds leaders as well, such as King Ludwig II of Bovaria. Even other world leaders during that time could not compare to the rampant modernization, including king Philip IV of Spain, who not only failed to gain control of his own subjects during the 17th century, but was unable to protect Spain, losing territory to France and other world powers.

As a result of King Louis XIV’s effect on France during the seventeenth century, evident impact has been made of twentieth century France as well. His absolutistic way of command was very important, as it supports many philosophical debates, including the Hobbes vs Locke debate. As well as philosophical debates, King Louis XIV’s impact was effective on France's economic and tourist landscape in the twenty first century.. France has been proven to be one of the most visited countrys’ in the world, and the Palace of Versailles is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Along with its economic advantages, The Palace of Versailles, as well as other french monuments like including the Canal de l'Eures. the history of France can be accurately studied, aiding understanding in their use of building techniques before the time of fuel-powered machines, and the use of inventions such as the Marly Machine.

In 17th century France, King Louis XIV proved to be an effective leader through a political, economic, and militaristic lens, bringing upon a lasting impact still evident three hundred and nineteen years later, In seventy seven years of power, King Louis XIV enacted necessary change, in which many French advancements have been either based upon, or enabled through his achievements. Although not the direct creator of some advancements invented and improved on during his reign, King Louis XIV forced France to progress right alongside him. In his time as King, Louis XIV protected his people, surpassed other world leaders, and created a lasting impact in ways never before seen.

16 December 2021
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