Management Approach In The Company Amaze Inc

Chester Barnard

Chester Barnard specifies his approach with three systems which are being presented in AMAZE INC. The first system is the social system. In which the companies should be able to satisfy the motive of the workers. AMAZE INC. applied this social system by allowing employees to take charge of their own action for 20 percent of their time. Also they would acknowledge and reward the employees who have succeeded by their own initiative.

The second system is the organizational objective. It is closely related with the first system. The company Amaze Inc. organizational objective is to satisfy the motives of its participants and achieve its common goal. So that the cooperative arrangement among the participants will last, therefore making the organization successful. The third system is the communication system. At Amaze Inc., the main role of team leaders is to establish and maintain an effective relationship with employees. As a result, team leaders facilitate communication by bringing employees together from various cultures and expertise to talk about the different problems, so that they can share ideas and generate solution together. Also, the management at Amaze Inc. rewards teams who create a winning product. This allows all employees to work together and feel their actions are appreciated by those around them.

Mary Parker Follett: Follett specifies his approach with three systems that are being presented in AMAZE INC. First system is the coordination. Amaze Inc. encourages employees to maximize the production through the involvement in coordination and not by force. Second system is the self-management. AMAZE INC. employees can take charge of their own actions for 20 percent of their time without the management’s approval. The third system Follett specifies is the system of Collaboration. The employees, team leaders and manager of the organization collaborates together in the development of new product ideas and aren’t forced into performing one narrowly defined job.

Based on the article, I think Amaze INC. is better off with a behavioral approach rather than classical approach to management. Because by applying behavioral approach within the organization’s population, it will much more likely to motivate worker to work more effectively and they would feel satisfied with what they are doing. Since the workers would have the opportunity to work in groups rather than doing their task separately and possibility of feeling bored doing the same work.

Nowadays, businesses are affected by the external forces in the environment due to their competitors and current trends in the industry. I feel that if behavioral approach were to be applied, the company would much more likely to stay updated with the current trend and compete with their competitors. Also, this approach allows leader-employee relationship, which would initially allow employee to take leadership role by taking additional responsibilities for the improvement of the company.

Lastly, it won’t lack environmental uncertainty within the organization if behavioral approach were applied. Because if people share different new ideas within a group, there’s higher chance of them not lacking environmental uncertainty.

03 December 2019
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