Measures Of Prevention Of School Shooting

Since 2013 there have been two hundred and thirty school shootings alone in the United States. That is an average of forty-six school shootings a year and about four a month. There have been fifty-nine deaths and one-hundred and twenty-four non-fatal gunshot injuries since 2013. School shootings are happing more and more each year in our country and its time to put a stop to it. How many more before our leaders pass common sense laws to prevent gun violence and save lives? Communities all over the country live in fear gun violence. What will prevent schools shooting? We should feel secure of sending children to school, comforted by the knowledge that they're safe. There are several ways of preventing school shooting such as metal detectors, security at every entrance, and teachers have the right to carry to protect our children and stop having children playing violence games.

Using metal detectors at main entrances of school generally serves to reduce the risk of students, staffs, and any other visitor entering the premises with guns, knife, bomb or other dangerous metallic object. These metal detectors may either be handled, or stationery and people are required either walk through or submit themselves to search before being allowed enter school. This is a safe way for teens and other schools that no one will have any source of guns, bomb, and knifes to have on them.

Security at every entrance in schools well has a safer place to think that no sources of weaponry is not on the students. The security in schools well prevent school shooting from happening, but some students may not like the idea of security being at every entrance to check if they have some source weapon. Its sometimes will be a difficult situation for students to comprehend to complain of what they need to do when they enter the school. What if security is not good enough for student? Or what if the metal detectors are not working? You get one shot to prevent school shooting and make schools feel safe once again to every cost you get.

Many people believe that adding security at every entrance and adding metal detectors is “too much” as many students may say but it’ll help everyone lives of preventing a school shooting happening that day or any other day.

Another school shooting that will be prevented is teachers having their own life to protect the students from any threat. Also, having teachers learn some combat to stop the school shooter if he or she some in the classroom the teacher will be ready. If teacher give their own lives to protect the students, they show honor, courage, and protection towards students to get live a life.

In conclusion, School shooting will be prevented by security at every entrance, metal detectors, and teachers learning combat or giving up their life to saves the students when this happens of any threat coming into schools we will be ready. 

09 March 2021
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