Mental And Physical Effects Of Rape On Male And Female

The misunderstanding of a victim's experience is heartbreakingly common no matter the gender, but this becomes so disbelieved because of the victim’s behavioral patterns due to the brain’s function to distance themselves from the events. During these traumatic events the body relays a pattern of “tonic immobility” better known as self-paralysis which in studies has shown to be a stress response in humans along with animals too. This traumatic event can cause long or short term. In most cases the victim to initially deny the abuse.

After the assault, the victim may maintain contact with the abuser for many reason due to the fact they might still have affections towards them especially if the abuser is a family member, victims also try to take control over their abuse. Fear after the abuse can cause victims to remain silent even years after the incident, also the fear of not being believed due to the fact that the public sees some stories as false reports. False reports are the first response to victims, if the victim had been involved with underage drinking or smoking but these are mostly a result to the victim being encouraged by the abuser to be involved in. Effects of rape plays different roles in women and men’s lives, no one person deals with this type of trauma in the same way.

The brain function is also different in the reaction with women and men. Men have a calculated rate of 1 to 33 of reported attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. 9% of rape victim are men, in which more specific one in 45 men are forced by penetration by a partner in their lifetime. 35% of men who were affected by this trauma recorded that they significant long and short term impact such as PTSD.

Men have psychological traits that have evolved through natural selection especially in the context of coercive sex in human development. There are mechanisms in the male sexual arousal and male inclinations to use force that scientists have shown are not proven in women psychological traits.

Men, no matter the sexuality, deny the events of the trauma due the fear of being misjudged on their sexuality. With the way society has developed the resources for male rape victims have been shown to the minimum access. Myths about these events are what stop variations of male victims from being forth coming with their story due to the statements that males “are that vulnerable or that males can't be raped”. Men maybe have been put on the lower end of the scale but women are just involved. Women have a different chemical hormones in our developing brain that changes our behavioral activities when dealing with the effects of trauma. The smallest statistic that we overlook is that its estimated one in three women will deal with the trauma of sexual assault or rape during their lifetime. Studies show the no one woman has a single pattern to the effects after their assaults. In some studies women report that they have not fully accepted the facts on the events or they downplay the intensity of the trauma. Women’s early reaction may lead to graphic memories or flashbacks they have difficulties to let go of. Due to the severeness of the difficulties in sleeping or ignorance of the memories it gives women trouble in seeking assistance or help during the early reactions. Research studies suggest that one in three rape victims with struggle MDD in their life period causing many long term effects. Victims will become afraid of the facts of any new or sexual experiences.

But both the genders have similar effects mental and physical after rape. With looking into the basic law the first thing they look for within the case is no matter the gender to seek if the consent was giving. 8 out of 10 victim knew the abuser or assaulter whether this be a family member, coworker, or friend. It's a daily effect on how each victim has to deal or cope with trauma. Emotional effects due to the attacks can lead to shame, vulnerability, depression, nightmares, flashbacks, and more but all victims are all impacted differently. Sexual violence and assaults tears through communities. Most victims will initially deny the abuse for years after the attack. Both gender victims claim to have a surreal feeling that they are separated from the other living normal lives. Both genders still are affected even if there is a difference in rates of the statistics. This serious trauma causes the brain in both genders in different ways. Neither genders have equal statistics or myths about them due to the fact of the society see the assault details. The bodies deal and cope with the effects through tonic immobility or it distances itself from the realizations to the trauma. Rape isn't something that communities should take lightly no matter the gender, it's no joke about that seriousness about either gender.

03 December 2019
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