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Microfiber Used In Tights

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Tights with microfiber have extraordinary durability. The high aesthetic properties are also very popular. Microfiber is moisture resistant, has thermal insulation properties and is very pleasant to the touch. Microfiber is a fiber that gets its name from the thickness of several micrometers (1 micrometer is one-thousandth of a millimeter). In the production of microfiber, companies use polyamide and polyesters. Microfiber tights matte in appearance and incredibly pleasant and soft to the touch.

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Since microfiber filaments are much thinner than normal, they create a denser matter. As a result, microfiber cloth retains heat better and “does not let in” the wind. It does not “seal” the body, but leave the possibility to “breathe”, preventing excessive sweating of the skin. Some of the advantages include: Its static electricity attracts and retains dust. It offers greater cleaning capacity with less effort and reduces the consumption of water and chemical products. In addition, Microfiber offers great resistance to washing.

It has an enormous absorbent capacity (twice as much as cotton): this is interesting in the sense that, as we have seen above, it is capable of absorbing dirt including bacteria and other germs, making it a very hygienic fabric (in addition to that can be washed very often). It has anti-pilling properties: no balls are formed and no threads are released as their use multiplies. Microfibers are the softest things you have ever touched. Moreover, they are not as resilient as the best elastane/lycra blends, as well as they do not have that nice glassy feel when you cross your legs. However, it is important to know that the microfiber pantyhose is much warmer in cool weather.

Microfiber is almost unparalleled fabric. This is truly a revolutionary and unique invention. The splitting of polyester and polyamide components during its production affect the structure of the material, providing it with billions of micropores. These pores resemble the smallest triangles. The fiber itself has a stellate structure in the section, which provides great durability to tights. Thanks to this extraordinary structure, microfiber boasts excellent properties. Its fibers are able to reach the depths of the smallest cracks, collecting dust and dirt there, inaccessible to other types of fabric. Very small parts of grease, water and dust get stuck between the edges of the fibers. The reverse fallout of these particles does not occur due to the ability of the tights to electrify.

The production of microfiber is a high-precision process since it is necessary to obtain a polymer thread with a diameter of one-tenth or even hundredths of a millimeter. For the production of microfiber, extruders are used. An extruder is a machine for softening (kneading) materials and shaping them by pushing through a profiling tool (the so-called extrusion die), the cross-section of which corresponds to the configuration of the product. The process of processing materials in an extruder is called extrusion.

In order to make it more reliable for the manufacturing of tights, microfiber is squeezed out in the form of a double thread (internal polyamide asterisk and external polyester loop), its production technology has become even more complicated. At the exit of the extruder, the cooling of the double thread with water leads to the separation of the polyamide and polyester components of the thread, with the result that each micronite has a very high area of micro gaps, which leads to a high absorption capacity of the fabric.

01 April 2020

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