The Rise of the Machines: Examining the Evolution and Impact

Long time ago, whenever people are in need to deposit checks and to withdraw cash, there must be another person to reach out with. A working man in the ‘Google’ companies, named Kurzweil, has assumed that in the approximate year of 2045, situation will eventually change, where the digital innovation would increase, that humans and machine brilliance will later blend in, to create a whole brand new technology by replacing humans all over. And it did happen, until now. In this era, the obligations of needing at least one human to helps us in banks, is no longer needed. Mechanics has however the capability of doing the stuffs people usually do in their life. It has made life faster, and easier. “Automation is encroaching on our lives faster than ever. ”

Generally most people assumed that mechanics, machines, computers, all those electronics are a very important yet fun thing to use in our daily life; and it is a true real world changer and a very influential impacts on people’s life uses bows and arrows as one of the example for proving that mechanics are really more effective. In the historical era, bows and arrows were very important especially for hunters, as well as waterwheels and windmills, counterpoise siege and engines, pendulum clock anchor escapement and etc. However, later on, in the modern days; like now, technology has improved all those conservative methods, in this whole worldwide.

According to researchers author of a book about how the invention begins, and how humans are thankful and amazed by the rise of new automation, including in the historical moments. It is being stated there, that technologies had been invented into a more brilliant, and amazing machines. Due to the reason that people are and will never be satisfied of the tools used in this life, that is exactly why experts have and will always innovate ideas to create and upgrade these implements into a higher and elevated quality, also excessive quantity. It has made many motivations, and a big exponential change to the world, to humans, to technological improvement and to machines all over the world. Even, in education field, things are invented and innovated. “The processes of education have had to be reinvented as surely as industrial processes have. Just as the design of automobiles changed after the invention of the assembly line, methods of education had to be reinvented after each major change in the availability of information—the ninth century increase in literacy, the thirteenth century spread of manuscript copying scriptoria, and the fifteenth century development of the printing press. ”

Even though humans are likely to be smarter and are actually more brilliant than a single machine, well there are some explanations related to this stated that researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) have been using unique algorithms, which is developed to make it easier for machines to learn from data and to apply that intelligence in new situations, just like as much as humans do. The computers are then capable to extract informations and in many ways improve lives; to create a knowledgeable and a more humanlike imaginative representative. One of the most popular examples is where technology creates communication tool for people to reach out one another, and to get through everything. Researchers have proved that people happen to conclude that everything is in good conditions as long as automation will always be innovated and enhanced. “We are able to record every lives by attaching technology to the surface of our bodies, persuading us that we too can be optimized and upgraded like our devices. Smart bracelets and smartphone apps with integrated step counters and galvanic skin response monitors track not only our location, but every breath and heartbeat, even the patterns of our brainwaves. ”- According to James, It could even record sleep patterns, dreams, nightmares, sweating, unconscious & health conditions – that is why users are commonly recommended to put their phones beside them every night – and many more. A journal article about the methods used by researchers in artificial intelligence

11 February 2020
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