Middle School Educational Problems in China

Imagine that everyone around you is well-mannered. Everybody is respected. How wonderful will the world be with well-educated people. Minority education not only has made great achievements in China, but also faces many problems after sixty years of development. The students learning in high school in the basic education in minority areas have faced particular difficulties in daily life.(Shushu L., Li F. & Yong M. (2017)) The teaching quality is not high, students generally fear the knowledge and select escaping class, The education in high school of China, which is just for the pass of college entrance examination, has caused a series of problems in common senses of students and their lack of living skills. The problem can be generally attributed to three main aspects: 1) too large population and too much competition in students' daily life. 2) too much pressure and expectation from parents. 3) Unsound educational systems and not qualified teaching sources.

Too large population and too much competition

The first main reason is that the population in China is so large that almost everywhere there exists competition. The number of high school students has increased by two times from 1998 to 2008.(Yingquan S.,Prashant L. & Jianguo W. (2013).) First, do students learn because of fear, or because they want to learn? We all know whether it is the former or the latter, because we are all people who have come out of the system. The school was originally a place to learn knowledge, and everyone could learn what they wanted to learn. But are we really going to learn Chinese because we are interested in writing? Are we going to mathematics because of the magical interest in numbers? Do we Learn English because of being interested in foreign girls? Absolutely not, it is because of the bad performance and the fear of being embarrassed to learn, which is undoubtedly a very painful thing. Learning is a happy thing. Getting knowledge can make a person stronger, but this kind of happiness has become the joy of satisfying vanity. What’s more, the competition is not only for students, but also for teachers. In order to allow schools to be more active in the “education” cause, the Education Bureau will classify the schools, the school also grades the students. In order to be able to enter a better school, to have a better learning environment, you must have a higher score. Just as we all know that scores don't mean everything, we really want to think so, but it seems that schools don't think so. All schools publish their grades, so no one wants to take a low score, so everyone tries their best not to score low scores. The main purpose of learning knowledge has long been left behind. Why don't we not publish the results and let the books return to knowledge. Exam scores are a means of detecting what knowledge is learned, not a better and worse means. We are at school to get the knowledge we want, not to take the first place and satisfy the vanity. Third, the school is not a school but a prison, and the students are executed. Where there is oppression, there is resistance, but how do young and ignorant students resist? Most people can only obey, while a few people choose to use extreme methods. China's attitude is relatively better. The whole society pays close attention to youth suicides. However, some people pay attention to the problem and it does not mean that someone can solve the problem. Education in China, which coincides with the Indian education system, leads to the rise of student suicide rate like a house price. According to a survey, 24.39% of primary and middle school students in Shanghai had a flash of 'end their own life'.(Chuang Wang, Wen Ma & Christine M. (2015)) There are more and more people who can't commit suicide, but those who have had this idea have not succeeded? Mental imprisonment is often more terrible than physical torture.

Too much expectation and pressure from parents

The second main reason is that students get too much expectation and pressure from parents. Education workers and parents have not thought about it. Are they 'training' children or 'educating' children? Survival is not a competition but living out the true self. Playfulness is the nature of human beings. Human beings can be different from other creatures on the earth because they can hide their bad nature. In this intermediate stage education plays a very big role. In the case of a child's limited cognitive ability, some measures are really needed to force him to suppress his evil. Don't believe that people are good at the beginning, goodness and evilness are actually coexisting. We can't say that it is wrong to force children to learn to do their homework. In the primary school stage, some coercive measures are needed to suppress the 'evil' of human beings as much as possible. The Education Bureau has done a very correct thing: to cancel the examination of middle school entrance examination, and to a certain extent, it is also in line with the general trend of quality education. But our parents and even some teachers still put their children on the track. Adults don’t respect children, and children don't learn to respect others. Even if we canceled the grades in the primary school stage, everything we have is still there. In fact, most people still care about the test scores. The children only know that they want to read textbooks instead of learning to behave. What's worse, when the children go to middle school, the results determine everything and the idea that learning is the competition becomes justified. The parents tell the students in a variety of ways that are close to intimidation. 'You have to study, or you will not find a job, and you will go to pick garbage.'(Yingquan S.,Prashant L. & Jianguo W. (2013)). Animals have the nature to live, and they are scared in the face of threats, just like animals in the circus. The terrible thing is that students who have reached the middle school stage are completely the same as animals in the circus. Just like a lion is not a lion, it is a tool for making money. People are no longer human, they are mass-produced products. Perhaps the so-called education we have been discussing, more, is a kind of 'training.'

Unsound Educational Systems

The last main reason is due to the unsound educational systems. On the one hand, the educational resources are so few. According to the research, although 90 of Yunnan's 127 counties, including 52 minority autonomous counties, have achieved six years of compulsory education, only 34 counties have achieved nine years of compulsory education (14 of which are minority counties). In this case, efforts are made to improve the relevance of school education to the family economy by providing basic vocational skills starting from high school and junior high school.(Postiglione & Gerard A.(2006)) In China, there is a phrase called “sea tactics”, students spend time trying to do the problem, not to consolidate knowledge, just for the exam. It may be a last resort to do so because they have to pass the exam to go to a better university. Many people are jealous of this kind of system, but the national conditions are like this, and many things are not changed as what you think might be. Some of our so-called people's teachers are like this. Their students can't feel the joy of learning. They are forced to do a mountain of papers all day long. What is even more hateful is that they make it easier for students to get high scores and teach students to be opportunistic (Bai Liang (2017)). Especially obvious is the composition of language. Writing is a thing that can express emotions, but since the teacher told the students: the teacher actually only looks at the head and the tail, about the middle they just give a glance. The composition becomes a cage for imprisoning students' thoughts. It is very ridiculous that some teachers actually ask for a fixed composition format, not for anything else, only for students to get good scores in the exam. Therefore, students have also made such a ridiculous thing as writing a number of words. Maybe he is not suitable for writing, but more likely he can’t fully understand that his own emotions that can be expressed is forbidden. It was a very comfortable thing, but the teachers only looked at the teaching methods of the scores and obliterated everything. Is it good to teach people to memorize and speculate to get a high score? A good teacher can't be met. If there are students with poor grades, there will be a lot of teachers who feel embarrassed because our 'education' is utilitarian. Perhaps it is not our teachers who are not responsible but the utilitarian environment does. With the driving of humanity, the teachers who really want to teach and educate people become unscrupulousand they just want to improve the students' performance, and regardless of whether they can really learn.(Curran &Thomas D. (2005)) So we will all give back to the teacher because that is not what we voluntarily learn, and it is not our own knowledge at all. Schools that really want to teach and educate people also want to get a better so-called reputation, forcing students to learn and become pedantic.

Success is not in the eyes of others, but in your own heart. Many people are numbly pursuing wealth and status like Chaltu, but they have not thought about what they really want to do. They have lived for most of their lives, but only for the sake of others, not for what they want to be. So we blame the system and blame the social atmosphere. But no one is pointing at us with a gun and we must obey. In fact, as long as we can have a little courage, we can try to change and resist. If you don't try it, you will find it impossible. If you encounter a little difficulty, you will shrink back. Then your life will become mediocre. But no matter how serious the problem, we have to tell ourselves, 'ALL IS WELL.' Protecting the original kind heart and removing the original bad nature is the meaning of education. We must change and re-recognize what is the core of education, whether it is educating people or refining people, whether it is about performance or cognition. We must all go back to zero and return to the starting point to re-examine rather than dying on the wrong road. 

07 July 2022
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