My Ambition To Succeed As A Doctor

The holistic nature of medicine that combines a practical application of science with making a difference in the lives of individuals is what solidified my motivation to become a doctor.

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With my undergraduate degree, I wanted to apply what I learned from courses like Biochemistry, Neurobiology and Physiology to generate solutions for individuals who suffered from migraines. I then reached out to a neurologist who worked with migraine patients. As I worked on a team with nurses, researchers and physical therapists, I understood how healthcare did not just involve doctors and patients, rather a team of staff dedicated to enhance patient care together. I was independently responsible for interacting with migraine patients, and had them complete a survey that detailed their symptoms which I compared before their entry to the clinic and after. Through my paper I demonstrated the effects of a multidisciplinary headache clinic on migraine patients, to offer solutions to affected individuals. I also shadowed a neurologist through which I gained an insight into the life of a physician. I noticed she would stay long after clinic hours were over to complete required patient discussions. I understood that a physician’s job never truly ends because patient care persists long after patients leave their doctor’s office. Despite the a limited time frame allotted for each patient consultation, I admired how she expressed the highest level of attentiveness and genuine care for her patient’s concerns throughout the consultation. Despite falling under one category of migraines, every patient had variants of symptoms and thus every solution she offered was that much more personalized. I admired the lasting impact that she was making in each of her patient’s lives and yearned to provide a similar calibre of care for those around me.

Following my work in Canada, I pursued my interests in the field of medicine and attended the United Nations in New York to address the limitations of healthcare in rural and inaccessible areas, as I outlined ways to close this margin. I also began work at the Renal Research Institute where I published and presented my work discussing Hepatitis B and and sleep in chronic hemodialysis patients because I was very interested in addressing how sleep affects so many immune-compromised individuals’ response to vaccines.

Aside from my work in healthcare, I work as a tutor/mentor for students struggling with mental disabilities. I understood what their individual limitations and unique strengths were, and honed my teaching skills accordingly to help them succeed. As their mentor, this fulfilling experience continues to make me more understanding, compassionate, and more aware of the needs of different individuals around me. I also served a delegate for the World Health Organization, where I submitted a proposal to improve government initiatives in rural areas where individuals lack access to reproductive health technologies and treatment. I also sat as President of Rare Disease Review at my University because I was committed to highlighting cures for rare diseases via advancements in science. As the Vice President for Multiplying Equality, I organized a donation-based clothing drive for the homeless of Edmonton who suffer during the harsh winters due to lack of protective clothing. As the Vice President for the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research, where we raised over $1000 in funding donated towards HIV/AIDS Research. This has taught me teamwork, selflessness, and furthered my love for humanitarian causes. My interests include debate, hiking with family in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, my love for traveling, exploring new cultures, and learning new languages.

As intensive and all inclusive as the role of a doctor is, it is just as rewarding and life-changing. My compassionate nature coupled with my love for medicine, and an interest in helping people are my strongest characteristics which would help me to succeed as a doctor.

18 May 2020

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