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My Curiosity For Computer Science

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It can be argued that the computer is humanity’s attempt to replicate the human brain. This is perhaps anunattainable goal. However, unattainable goals often lead to outstanding accomplishment. ” I first heardthe statement from my engineering college professor and it has been a constant source of inspiration. Ireflect on that statement and have defined my purpose to gain research-oriented knowledge in computerscience and to implement it in practice. Over the years, consistently being in the top fifth percentile of the class academically, my curiosity for thescience also grew along with me.

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My under-graduation was a judicious mix of theory and practice and ithad given me a strong foundation in the core subjects. Courses like Programming language principles,Object Oriented Programming, Networks, and Software testing methodologies helped me excel thefundamentals, but areas that caught my interest were Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, Datamining, and Human Computer Interaction. With well-structured and systematic academic curriculumcombined with my inquisitiveness and proper guidance of professors, I have made my mark as a studentwith a couple of semester-wise excellence awards, and an overall top-level GPA, securing a first class withdistinction. Given a strong zeal to attain broad-ranging knowledge in all the areas of Computer Science, I have takenup various approaches of research and practical implementation over the range of courses in my undergraduation. In my fifth semester, I have given a seminar on “Artificial Intelligence – its evolution andfuture” focusing on its extent and the variety of problems for which AI was used.

In my sixth semester, Ideveloped a web application – “A Government Scheme Management System” for a local village governingbody – using Java, SQL SERVER, and HTML. And in my final semester, leading a team of five, I worked on a“Combined mining” project, showing how its flexible and customizable for handling a large amount ofcomplex data involving multiple features, sources and methods as needed, consuming time and space. To complement my academic enthusiasm, I always believed in the importance of extracurricular. Througha practice of effective resource management, from being the representative of my class in undergraduationto visiting many a charitable retirement center and institutes for mentally challenged to helpthem with necessities, and to conduct music and teaching sessions; and with my interest in photographyand videography, making a documentary on children in one such institute to spread awareness, it hasbeen a journey of great personal growth.

The under graduate studies have successfully helped me to land a job at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai. I am currently functioning as a Senior Application analyst working on tools that help. Pharmaceutical companies. This involves production support, application enhancements. Providingcontinuous service improvements is a part of my job and I have successfully automated many processesthat were handled manually. My five years at Cognizant provided a real-world opportunity to test myskills and improve on my weakness. It was here that I realized a Master’s in computer science will furtherenhance my skills and prepare me to achieve my goal. Few years down the line, I want to start a companythat builds intelligent systems providing infrastructure and solutions to Medical Enterprises. I figured outthat in order to build a company that lasts long and delivers consistently, I need to gain expertise in research related studies.

Therefore, I strongly believe this degree would help my ambitions and provide ahands-on experience on handling the activities. Through my learning from various sources, I could comprehend that the Master of Science program isdesigned to provide a holistic approach of enterprise-based experience and research-oriented studies. The ecosystem of US based training is flexible, practical and up to date. It has a proven track record ofdelivering world class entrepreneurs and industry experts. I strongly believe a US degree will be astepping stone for my success.

There is an excellent long-term relationship between the student and his/her department at youruniversity. Your program has talented faculty providing a perfect environment in which I can hone myskills. Your university is also a confluence of people from every culture, nationality, religion race andideology, and exposure to these kinds of diverse influence would aid in the overall development of mypersonality and help me broaden my approach. I greatly look forward to my admission into Masters of Science degree in Computer Science at youruniversity as it will be the most cogent approach to achieve my goals. I am confident that the diverserange of courses being offered and the guidance of highly qualified professors would provide a refreshingexperience to my academic pursuit.

18 May 2020

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