. My Desire To Pursue A Career In Biomedical Sciences

The mechanism in which the human body operates and how it’s flawlessly modified to this world something unparalleled in its eagerness. The honourably standing present we humans have been bestowed to is to rescue and innovate lives. I’m truly desirous about Biology and cherished by the rational challenge it concerns, the amazement of acquiring billions of cells continuously working simultaneously to control a magnificent machine has initiated a sense of awe and gratitude in me. As science is an exquisite balance between what we know and what we yet to discover and being born in an era where technological advancement has prospered, I believe that there is no better time to utilize my passion for biology.

Laboratory work has always been very gripping for me, as it entitled you to examine deeper into finding out how and why things work in the way they do. Looking back to when I was studying GCSEs I remember very much of my science classes and reminisce my eagerness to participate and soak up the knowledge being taught by my teachers. These classes revealed me to a lot of different and prodigious topics, The Nervous System being one of them which clenched my attention and inquisitiveness completely. This procedure captivated me due to the biological reactions that are associated between every organ, tissues and cells of our body which keeps us alive. This interest has enkindled in me the inclination to study Biomedical Sciences. My brother was a great inspiration to fuel my thirst for knowledge because of his medical condition diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy this has given me an insight into how a medical condition can affect a person’s life. This has provided a great establishment to understand the causes of such devastating medical conditions as well as diseases.

As I play Basketball as a hobby of mine, it allowed me to enhance my communication skills as that is a must when considering a career in any scientific profession. Teamwork has also played a part as it can be shown when developing relationship and trust towards your teammates as you increase opportunities for collaboration and gain confidence knowing that the team supports you even in risky situations, this can associate with working in a laboratory and being able to work with people in a fast working environment. I have gained lots of experience during my work experience in Percy Hedley School. Working with special needs children has helped me with being patient and problem solving very quickly. I was able to react quickly to situations as well as making sure the children feel comfortable. I also have to adapt my tone of voice and my actions to different children as they all have different abilities and needs, it has also granted me to secure essential interpersonal communication ability and valuable leadership skills. In addition, being able to stabilize charity work and my studies as well as hobbies has confidently proved to show my accomplished ability in time keeping and a strength of will to not only do well in college but also to help others and motivate them to extend out to others in the same way. I volunteer at Oxfam and am passionate about social justice.

The experience has taught me team working skills. I am photography enthusiast and recently took part in a club that supports young people with disabilities. This developed my skills in working with a diverse mix of people of people. It encouraged me to experiment with different types of communication with different audiences. One of my goals is to convey a person’s life through photography and I am fascinated how media can portray the feelings of individuals. My desire to pursue a career within this academic field has focused my ambitions for further education. I am eager to embrace the diversity of experiences and ideas of the university community.

15 July 2020
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