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My Development In The Field Of Music

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Starting from an early age, music has been my passion and has taken up a prominent part of my life. Beginning to learn the piano at the age of 3, my interest in music grew when I first won the championship in a junior piano contest in the Hong Kong Music Festival at the age of 5. Shortly after, I began regular flute lessons in my primary school – a school which emphasizes music education. Later, I furthered my flute studies under the tutelage of Mr Olivier Nowak, the Co-Principal Flute of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. My enthusiasm further developed when I was invited to play in the school band and orchestra and when I was introduced to the different music genres, theories, analyzation and history. I also composed for several genres of music.

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For instance, contemporary flute solo piece, a marching band piece and as well and an orchestral piece. Having been elected as the Chairperson of Table Tennis Club and taking up a leadership role in the Music Society as well, I was given the chance to enhance more my leadership skills as well as interpersonal skills. Having been one of the pianists in church for more than 5 years, my confidence in performing in front of the public is enhanced by expostulation to weekly public performance. As an active and enthusiastic flautist, I have participated and won prizes in numerous regional solo competition, as well in the Winter Band Festival and the Hong Kong Music Festivals in solo, ensemble, band and orchestral performance.

Recently, I was awarded First Prize and Second Prize in the 36th Macao Young Musician Competition Flute (Advanced) and Woodwind Concerto (Advanced) respectively. Yet, I was awarded the Grand Second Runner Up of the 36th Macao Youth Competition Special Prize Competition which has given me an opportunity to perform a concerto with the Macao Orchestra in November 2018 as one of the soloists. Earlier, I came second in the 67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Secondary School Flute Senior. I also finished in third place in the Hong Kong Youth Music Competition Brass and Woodwind Youth Senior. In May 2018, I received my Licentiate, Trinity College London (LTCL) Flute Recital, at the age of 16.

With my enthusiasm in music, I served as the Principal Flute of Belilios Public School Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra and won numerous awards in the several music festivals. With my interest in ensemble playing, I have formed a flute ensemble. The flute ensemble joined the 70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Secondary School Woodwind Ensemble (Senior) and finished in third place. In summer 2018, being accepted in the European Youth Summer Music Camp at Surrey of the United Kingdom, I was exposed to different repertoires of music – flute & harp duet, flute choir, contemporary music, gospel choir, band and orchestral music. I served as the Principal Flute in the Sinfonia and was selected to perform the Mozart Flute Concerto No. 2 as a soloist as a result of competitive auditions which has further increased my keen passion for music production.

Although English is not my first language, I was introduced to the English language at an early age and is fully capable and confident in speaking and writing in English. Studying in an EMI school, I fully emerge into the English-speaking environment since all subjects other than Chinese are taught in English in school.

18 May 2020

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