My Journey Towards Personal Growth Essay

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When we are at some point of our lives where we are vulnerable we believe we have got life figured out. We start believing that we are now invisible and nobody can dare touch or harm us. However, it is a mistake to think like that. Life will never seize to inspire us. At every point we will have something new to learn about life. I have been on the journey of self development and self improvement for some time now. It was only after I went out of my comfort zone (my home) and saw the real world when I get an offer to further my studies in IPTA. I start understood there was so much to life-challenges, improvements, knowledge, achievements and learn how to be independent. This is why the theme of this work “My Journey Towards Personal Growth Essay” is very relevant in our life.

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From there, I’ve learned that we only can get and known the lesson by having an experience. We believe things work out if we are in a hurry. It is true that we must work fast and efficiently but sometimes we should not rush into anything. Patience is the key to success but people who cannot afford to wait should not expect better results because greatness takes time. Example, we need to sacrifice a lot of time such like playing time to complete the assignment on the time and doing it perfectly. So, do the work smartly and be patient.

It is not easy to trust an event of life when nothing is in our favour. And it isn’t easy either to be optimistic about it. But that’s where our toughness and resilience is being tested. People who can’t trust the process of their lives cannot expect to excel in their lives. It is not that we should blindly trust everything that happens and not change the course of life for the better. What I mean is that we should work out what’s in our control and if we can’t work out what isn’t, then leave it. We shouldn’t waste our time on it. It will work out if you keep hard work with your persistence and hard work.

Sometimes it’s not easy to take decisions of life all by ourselves. We also need to believe that we must seek help. However we need to understand that there’s a fine line between taking our own decisions and seeking help for the same. So, be bold enough and brave to take your decision because nobody else knows better than you what you are seeking in life. The authority of taking a final decision should be on yourself, but you still can ask help and guidance from the other people that you trust. We need to think critically before making a decision by thinking of the good and bad things.

In conclusion, we as humans need to know how to manage time with prudence and try to make our parent proud of our achievement by getting an excellent result in examination. We also need to stay calm and mature in the face of every problem. This is because human habits are usually unable to solve the problem clearly, but too emotionally able to self-destruct.

18 March 2020

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