My Motivation To Be Accepted To The Mentorship Program

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Even from a young age, I have never been shy of a challenge. It may be since I grew up as a middle child with two brothers, constantly partaking in competitions in my household. Challenging myself, I began to become interested in different career paths growing up, such as culinary arts, singing, nursing, as well as science and research. I hope to be able to be accepted to the Broadridge Mentorship Program, which will help me develop new skills, gain valuable knowledge and experience.

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My family has taught me the importance of facing life’s many challenges with determination and working hard for the things I want for my future self. I have always believed that opportunities will never be handed to you if you are not willing to put in the effort to earn them. If accepted, I would bring my positive attitude, creativity, ambition to learn, and respect to the program. I believe I am the perfect fit for this program and with my best effort put forth, I am ready to work hard for my future and gain experience, making good use of opportunities offered to me. This program will allow me to broaden my horizons and learn about interesting, possible career paths.

Through my research, I have learned a lot of information about the Broadridge Company. I learned about how the company is a global Fintech leader with over four billion dollars in revenue, helping their clients get ahead of today’s challenges to capitalize on new advances to communications, technology, data and analytics solutions that help transform their businesses. I have also learned that the Broadridge company has over ten thousand successful associates. The company believes in the importance of diversity and has created a culture where the highest goal is to empower others to achieve more.

As a responsible, motivated student that has never shied away from hard work, I understand that the mentorship program is highly respected and very competitive. I believe this program will present new challenges for me and I look forward to growing through the opportunities that are provided. This program will allow me to push myself academically, but most importantly on a personal level. I am excited to be exposed to new and advanced concepts, techniques, and skills. The interpersonal skills I will gain from this program working with professionals and gaining their insight will prove to be invaluable for me in the future as I progress to college and beyond. 

10 Jun 2021

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