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My Motivation To Become A Pediatrician

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My first semester of school my major was nursing, but then I changed it to biology. I changed my major because of the simple fact that I wasn’t passionate about being a nurse anymore. I choose nursing because it was the easy field to what I was passionate about and that’s working with children. Working with children has always been my main focus when thinking about a career. I’ve always been skeptical about being a pediatrician because of the amount of time in school. I always thought I wasn’t capable of doing the four years of medical school and the two years of residency so I downgraded to nursing because it was easier and less school. But one day my brother called me to ask me why changed my major and told him that I wasn’t passionate about nursing I was passionate about being a pediatrician. After the conversation I had with my brother it made me realize that if I’m passionate about being a pediatrician school and residency shouldn’t scare me it should motivate me which it has.

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I chose to be a pediatrician because of the simple fact that I get to work with children every day. I’ve always adored being around kids and they always enjoyed being around me. Now being a pediatrician isn’t all about healthy children there are some sick kids and the fact that I can treat these kids to make them feel better brightens up my mood. Also, being a pediatrician isn’t just being a doctor in my opinion. Pediatricians are almost like therapist and teachers. So, this gives me the ability to help growing young adults feel comfortable in their bodies and be a person they can come and talk to when they’re uncomfortable or scared to talk to their parents or guardians. And to top it off I can be myself, which a silly and fun person.

The type of reward being a pediatrician will give me is being able to help and work with children. It’s no better reward than being able to have fun, interacting with kids and babies every day, helping children, it never gets boring and most of help kids and young adults through tough times. Also, my education is expanded with new and exciting things. For my plan b I would say that I would go into the field of being a physician assistant. Being a physician assistant is the next best thing about being a pediatrician. I think this is the next best thing because I’m still working with children every day. I still get to do things I want to do as a pediatrician.

31 October 2020

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