My Motivation To Take Part In Chevening Scholarship

In 2010, Professor Agnes Binagwaho advocated for vaccination against cervical cancer in Rwanda. As a result, about 130,000 girls in resource limited settings had life protection. Girls’ lives transformed and health equity was demonstrated. Agnes’s leadership inspired other African countries to pursue health agenda despite resistance from other stakeholders. Despite economic and geographical limitations, she proved that leadership is one being visionary, inspiring others and influencing others for fulfillment of human rights. After joining the pioneer class of Nursing and Public Health at Kenyatta University in 2006, I led a team that served the needy through medical camps. I spearheaded the formation of student nurses association to fight for rights of students.

The association later worked with other universities fight for the rights of nurses’ graduates that made them be posted and paid for internships till date. After completing internship, I worked as a program officer on HIV/AIDS program in Nyanza region. This made me realize that many orphaned children lacked information on sex and sexuality that made them more vulnerable to early sex in quest of making ends meet. I saw myself as part of them and desired for justice. Courageously without experience of parenting, I developed parenting skills curriculum that enhances effective parent-child communication specifically on sexual education. Through the support of world vision international, I led a team of facilitators that implemented parenting skills training in 13 counties. We managed to train 1096 caregivers who look after over 70,000 orphans and vulnerable children. My childhood experience of sexual harassment, motivated me to establish CECED initiative that empowered girls with sexual reproductive health information. With the support of many organizations, we reached to over 5000 girls and young women through sports that saw delayed sexual debut, increased demand, supply and uptake of health services across the county.

In recognition of my commitment, I was selected for the prestigious regional Young African Leadership Initiative fellowship to advance my leadership skills and became demographic dividend champion. I was also a member of the team that reviewed 2007 national youth policy that radically recasted youth issues in all spheres of development and made the youth centre for national growth. As the first Kericho youth governor representing 300,000 youths, I advocate for inclusive governance. I organized youths to develop memorandum on County Integrated Development Plan which was submitted and considered. I provided oversight and fostered implementation of 30 percent procurement law across all departments, planned and hosted youth forums aimed at building their capacity on issues affecting them. I initiated and negotiated partnerships with financial institutions to strengthen youth entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy and economic strengthening that have boosted the lives of the youth. I also championed career counseling and skills development programs across and beyond the county that has seen youth seek and utilize opportunities beyond the county. Having not only prepared for comfortability & predictability of yesterday but also for realities of today and unknown possibilities of tomorrow, I am prepared for Chevening to elevate my leadership skills.

15 April 2020
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