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My Motivation To Thrive In A Charitable Organization

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I come from a family where charity work is a top priority, with my parents working for a not-for-profit organization, a summer camp called Muskoka Woods. Spending my summers at Muskoka Woods, I learned hospitality, to be diligent and hard-working. I also learned to be a strong leader and found my passion for helping others. I was able to grow up in a community where young leaders are encouraged and promoted. This gave me the chance to further myself and realize my potential. I believe my interest and passion will allow me to excel in business for a charitable organization.

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While employed as host area head at Muskoka Woods, I continually proved myself to be a stand out and reliable employee. As host area head I got to lead a team 10 high school aged students, who in turn looked after a group of guests. These groups were between 10-20 guests aged 7-10 and each host took the group of guests around to daily activities. I believe I excelled in this role, which relied heavily on time management, organizational skills and leadership. I am an excellent communicator who has the ability to perform at the highest of levels. I went above and beyond on multiple occasions to care for my team and the young guests. I am dependable and quick to volunteer wherever help is needed. My educational experience has been helpful for me and my ambition of one day working for a charitable organization. I am presently enrolled at the University of Guelph, working towards getting my undergraduate degree in marketing management.

In my first year, I was enrolled in a business management class, where I participated in a project called The Great Ethical Dilemma. My team won the prestigious Best in Class award because we successfully used information that we gathered throughout the term to effectively resolve the ethical dilemma facing our organization. We used a solid and logical process that lead to a creative and innovative resolution. We presented our resolution to the mock board of directors with a logical flow, a professional presence, persuasive arguments and enthusiasm. It has been my desire to work for a charitable organization for a while. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given in order to gain confidence in myself and my abilities in order to further my goal of one day working for a charitable organization. I believe my excellent communication, organizational skills, leadership abilities, professional presence and passion for helping others will allow me to thrive in a charitable organization.

03 December 2019

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