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My Purpose To Study Bachelor Of Information Technology In Australia

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Regarding my academic background, I completed my schooling from Daisy English Higher Secondary Boarding School, located in Khairahani-8, Chitwan, Nepal and scored 3. 6 GPA in School Leaving Certificate (S. L. C) examination in 2016. After that, I completed my high school (11 and 12) from the same school with 3. 48 CGPA in 2018. I have taken the English Proficiency test of IELTS on August 25, 2018, in which I have scored 6. 5 in aggregate (Reading7. 0, Writing 5. 5, Listening 6. 5, and Speaking 6. 0). When I finished my high school, I began to look for the best course for my higher study. I had always been so passionate about the computers and the things those small devices could do. I was given an old desktop when I was in school, and that gave me a new insight into my interest. I became even more fond of the device which led me to choose computer as my high school subject. There I was able to get a glimpse of vast scope this subject has.

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So with this intense interest in technology with the addition of internet to it, I decided this is the career choice I want to pursue. I began to look for the institution near my home and other places where I could study such subject. In this course, I found some colleges which are affiliated to Pokhara University and Tribhuvan University. I found that I can study Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) or Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) in colleges like Balkumari College, Oxford College of Engineering and management, Apex College, College of Information Technology and Engineering. The fee is also affordable and cheaper (around NRS 85,000 per year). But I also found that the degree I can earn in Nepal do not hold any global value, as the subject is taught in the traditional way, focusing only on the theoretical parts. More to this there lacks the proper labs and work placements making it an incomplete learning. There is very few capable person who can properly teach such subject here. The value of a degree from here can also be evaluated with the fact that even those providing universities prefer an international degree holder to join their faculty. This led me to consider the abroad study options. Since I am learning English from my childhood, the obvious choices were the English speaking countries like Australia, USA or Canada. Then I began to look for the best destination to study, comparing the he features and degree recognition. With all the features considered and compared, I chose Australia as the perfect destination to study Information Technology (IT) and computing related courses.

During my research, I surfed several universities and countries for my abroad study. I also attended seminars and consulted counsellors in order to know more about abroad study. In the USA, I found colleges like New Jersey Institute of Technology (US$ 31,918 per year), New York Institute of Technology (US$ 35,585 per year), LIU Campus-Long Island University (US$ 35,737) and more which are very expensive. More to this the regular news of shootouts and crime rates made me not to choose the USA. Similar was the case in Canada where there are institutions like Sheridan College (Ontario) (CA$ 22,248 per year), Fairleigh Dickinson University (Vancouver Campus) (CA$ 25,216 per year)and more. In addition to being expensive, the weather condition is extremely cold (-3C average). In the UK, the cost of studying IT is very high. It costs £ 23,940 per year to study computer related courses in Kings College London and £29,000 per year to study similar courses in Imperial College of London. The living expenses are also very high as the UK is one of the most expensive countries to live it.

The temperature remains low in the UK and has one of the extreme weather in the globe. I am from a warm place and that will create a hindrance in my study. Then when I came through Australia, it was the perfect destination for me. Australia has been a fertile place for students like me because of the quality education and affordable tuition fees. The course syllabuses in Australia are more practical and the qualification is accepted and recognized in any part of the world. The multicultural and secular society, welcoming and friendly environment, good climatic conditions and good social security are the good aspects of Australia which attracted me towards it. The education system in Australia is of quality, up to date, research-based and practical. Australia has the third highest number of international students in the world behind only the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a popular destination for international students from across the globe having 5 out of 30 best student cities in the world. There are 22000 courses to choose from almost 1100 institutions. Australian cities are safe and clean with low crime rates. I have not read or heard about any major crime incidents in Australia, assuring me of the security. Australia has various legal acts for the security of International students. The education service for overseas students (ESOS) framework protects the rights of international students studying in Australia to receive accurate information about the course of studies, fee and refund services to students. Tuition Protection Service (TPS) in this act provides the security of the fees a student pays. If the college closes or is not able to provide the course, they will have to refund the fee paid by the student. Similarly, all the institutions are required to be CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered. This makes sure the standard of study are reached and maintained by the providers. Scholarships are also provided to the eligible student.

For all those facts, I am totally attracted to Australia. It is not only a beautiful country but also a blessed continent and an island with the best environment for studying. I also began to look for higher education institutions in Australia. I was choosing those institutions on the base of my affordability and location as well as course and value of qualification. I came across various colleges and universities in which I found that universities are more expensive like Deakin University (AUD 30,200 per year), Central Queensland University (AUD 26, 640 per year0 and University of Southern Australia (AUD 32,000 per year). Then I came to know about the colleges which will provide me with the equivalent degree in lower cost. I searched about Melbourne Polytechnique (AUD 17,500 per year), Australian Technical and Management College (AUD 22,400 per year) and Melbourne Institution of Technology (MIT) (AUD18, 200). I found MIT to be the best among all the institutions in terms of location and my affordability. The location where MIT is situated in the most suitable one I prefer because it is affordable and accessible for me.

I have chosen to study in Sydney Campus, which lies within the Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) next to the Darling Harbour, one of the city largest shopping, food and entertainment locations. MIT teaches in small class sizes, making easier to interact with the teachers. This college teaches how to accurately measure the problems, and give the students confidence to take the risk. It also includes student services like excellent teaching and learning facilities, modern computer labs, wireless internet, campus security, study and counseling. MIT has recently upgraded Support Services including Industry Internship, Study Skills Programs, Buddy Programs and Mentoring Programs. Students can benefit from this service so that they can understand and perform in their related subject better. Mentoring program helps a fresher in the college to get used to the course content making it easier to follow. MIT has face to face student and staff consultation, making student’s aspirations, experience, needs and feedback to evaluate the performance and needs of improvement. It also has the Trimester system which allows the student for better balance in work, study and managing the time of the study. Students also have the option to fast-track the 3 years course to 2 years in the trimester system. School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) at MIT makes the learners technically competent, knowledgeable in their own discipline and the related foundation knowledge, independent learners and workers, work-ready, good communicators, and demonstrate a commitment to professional ethics and cultural awareness which are the essential things to be a successful graduate. The duration of my study will be for three years.

The course is delivered as a mix of core units and electives that may make up a specialization such as Network Security or Systems Analysis. Graduates are required to complete 360 credit points, by completing a total of 24 units (21 core units and 3 electives), 15 credit points each. The Bachelor of Networking is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Moreover, this course is accredited at the Professional Level by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). The course is structured in the year bases which are further divided on the semester base. Each year till year 3 contains four subjects in each semester. After year three, the fifth semester has 3 core subjects along with one elective which is followed by 6th semester containing two core subjects along with two electives. While choosing electives, I can choose to specialize in the certain field like cybersecurity.

Learning outcomes of this course are:

  • Possess a broad body of knowledge to undertake professional work in the area of Networking.
  • Be able to analyse network technologies and apply them effectively in an organisation.
  • Be able to solve problems that require critical analysis and synthesis.
  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively with others in a professional setting.
  • Be capable of working independently or collaborating with others with.
  • Demonstrate analysis and evaluation skills in different contexts.
  • Be able to solve problems that require critical analysis and synthesis.
  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively with others in a professional setting.
  • Be capable of working independently or collaborating with others.
  • Demonstrate analysis and evaluation skills in different contexts.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Networking may find employment in areas of network management, system administration and ICT services delivery and management within a wide range of public and private enterprises. Typical roles include Network Manager, System Administrator, Sales Engineer, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Support Manager, Internet/Intranet Network Manager, Network Analyst, Network Design Engineer, Network Capacity Planner, Network Solutions Architect, Network Security Specialist, Mobile Applications Developer, and Help Desk Manager. Upon the completion of this course, I will utilize my knowledge in my country as it has a very good scope in all the areas. I will be able to earn a handsome income and contribute my knowledge to social service as well as IT-based skilled manpower is not easily available in my country. After completing the course I will be qualified for numerous career opportunities like Network Engineer, Network Analyst, Network Administrator, etc. Modern Technology related to networking are in the starting phase in my country Nepal; it is a perfect field from the point of my career as well as from the viewpoint of my country. Nepal, being a developing country, many governmental and private firms and industries are in a trend of getting established along with the high demand of IT person to manage networks and websites. From my point of view, networking is one of the fields of study which has a bright future in Nepal.

I intend to return to my homeland after completing my course to be with my family and friends. With an internationally recognized degree from Melbourne Institute of Technology, there are huge numbers of industries that require technician associated with Networking, including Network hardware, Network software, Network security, etc. in my native country. I have planned to work in some of the companies to get the real-time work experience. My aim is to work as a senior network security specialist in some of the very reputed IT Company in Nepal such as Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Broadlink, and so on. I will look to work in the reputed firms in cases of a bank like the Nepal SBI Bank, Nepal Banijya Bank, Nepal Investment Bank etc. I will be able to work as the security specialist and the networking in charge.

Furthermore, I can also work as a sales engineer, Network Analyst, Network Design Engineer, Network Capacity Planner, Network Solutions Architect, Network Security Specialist, Mobile Applications Developer and network engineer in mid-level IT Company of Nepal such as Yomari, Classic Tech, and Versik Nepal Pvt. Ltd. and am sure to get a higher post after some years of experience of working under an experiences network officer. I will be looking for the salary of NPR. 35, 000 to NPR. 45, 000 per month in the beginning and will look for the salary above from NPR. 60, 000 while working as a senior network security specialist after gaining some experience.

There is no sector in this modern time that does not require an IT specialist, making me a sought-after professional. I will also be able to give private tuitions and training for newcomers in the field, increasing my income opportunity. I will earn around NRS 85,000. In this way, I will be able to cover all my expenses within 10 years of work in Nepal. In addition to that, I will earn a reputation of a professional and respect from my family and the countrymen. Apart from my career opportunities, I have my obligations towards my country and my family. My family is the part of me without whom I cannot be complete. I have my responsibilities towards my parents as well as my mother country. My parents will require my support during their final stage of their life, as they have invested all their lifetime income and time on me. Moreover, I have my social life in Nepal as all of my friends, relatives and the people who are important in my life are here. I will be returning to my motherland, to my family and the rich culture here in Nepal, because then only I will be able to feel the completeness of life. The respect and satisfaction I can achieve here in my mother country serving my nation and enjoying my life with my family and friends cannot be matched with anything in this world.

The availability of opportunities will be boundless in Nepal for me in comparison to another part of the world including Australia. Thus, grabbing international degree from Australian institution is only my intention to study in Australia which is accepted globally and make me more competitive to grab the opportunity within my country. I will also be able to look after my family property worthing around NRS. 8. 8 million which I will have to take care of. All the expenses including my tuition fee, accommodation expenses will be easily covered by my family income. As mentioned earlier, my father works as a production manager at Asal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. , and has the monthly salary of NRS 35,000 and receiving NRS 5, 57,000 annually including allowances. Similarly, my mother looks after the poultry farm that is registered in my father’s name, which generates NRS 15, 11,968. 51. The combined income of my family is more than AUD 24,630 annually.

We also have approved bank loan of NRS 40, 00,000 to pay for my fees and accommodation while I am in Australia. My family has sufficient family income and property support me during my study period in Australia. Hence, I will be able to concentrate fully on my studies without any hindrance. I am aware of the visa conditions for international students in Australia and I will follow those conditions which are:

  • I need to maintain at least 80% attendance in university
  • I should cover my overseas student health cover during my stay in Australia for study
  • I have to make satisfactory course progress of over 50%.
  • I am allowed to work 40 hrs. per fortnight on a part-time basis
  • I should pay all the fees before the due date
  • If I change my residence or contact details I have to inform the immigration and concerned department of college within 7 days

So with consideration of my strong will and personal interest in the Networking sector, I would like to request the Australian High Commission to consider my application to grant me this big opportunity to study the Bachelor of Networking at MIT Australia. I am hoping for a positive response.

15 July 2020

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