My Thoughts About Gun Violence In The USA

Gun violence is the number one issue in entire North America and especially in Unites States of America. Every day hundreds of Americans get killed with guns and much more get injured. Gun violence profiles millions of Americans who encounters with it, who know someone was shot or live with a fear or getting in contact of gun violence. My article is A young black teenager (Delmont Johnson) who just turned 19 and used to volunteer to stop gun violence was gunned down on a street and died on the same day. In my opinion, I have issue with the way they have used the teenagers’ picture in the article, the way they have described of gun violence/how protesting against it is dangerous and the way people say it’s not surprising because it happens every day.

As you can see in the attached article, the way they have used this young Teenagers picture. They used his social picture which shows him taking a selfie and doing some hand gestures. In my opinion, this is very common gesture in today’s youth but it does not promote any violence. For an ordinary adult it will make it look like this teen is black and doing some hand gestures, so it is usual that he got killed. My main point about talking about the picture is that publisher of the article could have used some formal picture that promotes pleasance in community for the loss of his life. For example, in the lecture of second week in class, Professor showed us how and PWC employee, Botham Shem Jean, was killed by a police officer in Dallas. The way they used his picture was a very formal picture and which promotes positiveness about himself and doesn’t create any kind of argument about the information.

Mr. Johnson was volunteering and was a part of group called “GoodKids Madcity” which was working to reduce gun violence through youth employment and by having easier access to mental health. Mr. Johnson was not the first person from the person to get killed, there was other volunteers who got killed and injured during volunteer periods. At least 380 people got killed 2000’s got shot while protesting for gun violence. Mr. Johnsons mother said that, “Anything you asked Delmonte to do, Delmonte was there”. If kids like Mr. Johnson are that humble to do for society then why are they so easy to be a target of gun violence. Why there is no action for people who are endangering their own lives to save other people lives.

The leader of Goodkids Madcity said, “I’m not surprised that something like this has taken place, because unfortunately, he’s one of many people that this has happened to here.” To me it’s devastating to hear this from a leader who says this because a young male just lost his life from what he was fighting for. I really feel that there should be some sort of more security of people who put their lives at risk and fight for violence in the city.

To conclude, gun violence is at its highest peak as an issue in North America. We can’t just stop it right away but we can reduce the crime every year. Also, we cannot fully reduce any crime but we can prevent people dying who endangers their lives by protesting. I would suggest them to protest together not walk home alone and have some sort of more individuals with them when they are on foot so that they don’t have to sacrifice their life which they don’t deserve.

18 March 2020
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