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My Trips To France, Australia And Indonesia

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France is a wonderful place that has a unique culture with exquisite food. It is a country in Europe that speaks the language, French.

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French Food

The types of food that the French eat are baguettes, macarons, duck confit, steak frites and escargots. Baguettes are long and thin pieces of French loaves, they also have a crispy crust. Macarons are smooth meringues filled with ganache, ganache is a glaze or icing. Duck confit is a French dish that consists of cooking a whole duck in its own fat. Steak Frites is simply a grilled steak with sauce and served with fries. Escargots are snails cooked in their shells for a precise time and then ate with a snail fork. In my opinion, the escargot looks not appealing to me but, they could taste amazing the other food looks.

French Animals

France also has a wide range of wildlife. France is home to chamois, alpine ibex, lynx, red deer, and weasel. A chamois is a mountain goat that lives in the Alps. Alpine ibex or ibex live, especially in the Vanoise national park. The lynx has short hair and lives in the Vosges the Jura and the Alps. The red deer has huge antelopes and can be found on the east side of France. Weasels are seen all throughout France with their cute and adorable faces.

French Special Days

France has many special days the most special of all is probably bastille day or otherwise known as France national day and is celebrated on 14th July. In its celebration concerts and balls are held, fireworks lit, and military parades are marched to celebrate France’s national day. Another important day is Victory in Europe Day or VE Day. The day is celebrated on May 8th to mark the end the World War 2 in Europe.


Australia is an amazing country with great food and excellent culture. It also has amazing sights like Uluru, the Opera house and Harbour Bridge.

Australian Food

The different types of variety of food that Australians are Pavlovas, vegemite, barramundi, lamingtons, and meat pies. A pavlova is a type of dessert made with a meringue-base and is usually topped with juicy fruit and whipped cream. Vegemite is a salty black spread that you usually put on bread. Barramundi is a popular fish Australians eat also known as, Asian sea bass. Lamingtons are a small, sweet cake dipped in chocolate and coconut. Meat pies are just pies with meat inside of them usually beef or chicken.

Australian Animals

The variety of different animals in Australia are Kangaroos, Koalas, Platypuses, Wombats, and Echidnas. A kangaroo is a 2-legged marsupial with long ears, hands and a pouch. A koala is also a marsupial, it lives in eucalyptus trees and eats eucalyptus leaves for its entire life. Platypuses are monotremes, they are river-dwelling animals that lay eggs have a long beak and a venomous spur. Wombats are short-legged marsupials that eat grass. Echidnas are monotremes with a sharp and spiky coat.

Australian Special Day

Australia like France has a numerous amount of special days and just like France has its own national day. Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January it marks the arrival of the first fleet of British ships at port Jackson which occurred in 1788. Canberra Day is another special day that is celebrated on 11th March to celebrate the official naming of Canberra which took place in 1913 by Lady Denman.


Indonesia is a southeast nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands and the capital is Jakarta. It is known for its traditional puppetry and gamelan music.

Indonesian Food

Indonesian food has amazing taste and spice. The food ranges from Nasi Goreng, Satay, Bakso, Pempek, Martabak, Sop Buntut.

Nasi Goreng is a type of fried rice flavoured with a variety of spices and flavours, it is also Indonesia’s national dish. Satay is skewered meat cooked over coal. Bakso is a savoury meatball soup and one of Indonesia’s best street food. Pempek is a fish and tapioca cake. Martabak is a type of stuffed pancake, the stuffing can be anything from chocolate to nuts or cheese. Sop Buntut is a delicious oxtail soup flavoured with shallots, garlics and other stuff.

Indonesian Animals

Indonesia is known widely for it habitat for rare and beautiful animals such as, the Komodo Dragon, Merek, Sumateran Tiger, Orangutan and Anoa. The Komodo Dragon is the biggest lizard in the world. The Merek is a bird like the peacock but the difference is that the Merek has different colours. The Sumatran Tiger is the most protected animal in Indonesia because of how endangered it is. The orangutan is the most endangered species in Indonesia. The Anoa is the smallest buffalo in the world.

Indonesian Special Days

Indonesia has many special day but also a lot of religious special days, it also has an independence day. Indonesia Independence Day is celebrated on 17th August. It is to celebrate turning into an independent nation. Kartini’s Day is a day that was made to celebrate a woman named Kartini who led the female emancipation movement in Indonesia. The celebration takes place every 21st April and a parade is held because of it.


The 3 countries are both amazing and have a lot of similarities such as both have equally tasty food, and all the countries have their own day that they celebrate. Their cultures are different but have small elements that are the same and the way they do thing also is different but have small elements just like their cultures.

15 July 2020

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