Remembering My First Trip To Las Vegas

I still remember the first trip to Las Vegas that I took with my close friends. It all started by us talking about cruising down pasific coast highway. We wanted to take a road trip far from California. We didn’t want to drive far but wanted to go far. So after all this thinking we chose Las Vegas. My friends and I went to Vegas to rest and enjoy our vacation together. We had been planning this trip for two weeks. During these two weeks we made hotel reservations and bought food and beverages for the trip. The website where we made our hotel reservations was circus circus. Each night was about $40 dollars. Breakfast was included one morning so that was pretty good. The night before we went to our local 99cents stores and ralphs to pick up snacks and waters for the drive. After we went for snacks, we went to Best Buy to get ourselves some walkie talkies. After all that, we needed so much time before this to save money and get permission to visit one of the most popular cities of Nevada, Las Vegas. Vegas may seem like an endless party, where each member is excited to continue entertaining, without sleeping all day and night in order to enjoy the beauty of this city. Tall buildings, touching the sky, Colorful lights, making the city brighter and even cooler, and people walking on foot making everything more suspense. All this creates a picture of a live city that is always ready to accept even more visitors and present the world, full of events and happiness. The hotel for 2 nights wasn’t that expensive and we drove over there so we needed money for gas.

Finally, one Friday we left at 4 a. m. to Las Vegas and arrived around 9 a. m. Our gas was pretty expensive over there so we each spent around 250$ on gas. Before even going we had an idea of gas prices because we did our research on gas stations on the way over there. Gas was about $3 dollars when we went i wonder if it’s cheaper now. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we started to chill at the hotel in the swimming pool. We played a funny soccer game to wake us up from being drained. It was a funny experience because nobody was able to kick the ball and almost everybody was tired. After the game, we watched the sunset together, and we told stories about our lives and shared our points of view about the future. Then we returned to the hotel, and we ate some snacks. Around 12 p. m. we decided to play some games where the loser had to run around the Vegas strip. A lot of times, I was the loser and therefore I did not remember what else happened during that crazy night. The next morning we took our trucks for a ride to The Las Vegas Strip. Since we all drive trucks we were all cruising looking at the views on views. Las Vegas is very worth the visit. All types of fun.

Las Vegas may be the city of gambling and fun, this is why those people who earn enough money and like different types of entertainment, will certainly find this city interesting and magnificent in many senses. Even if you don’t have the age to gamble, there are many other things to do. The feature of Las Vegas trips is the must to plan it before. Booking hotel rooms in order to have a place to stay for a while, buying tickets in order to have a chance to reach the city comfortably and quickly, and pointing out the places which you want to see at first in order to find out when it is and make it possible to visit and spend less time to enjoy everything. While i was over there I wanted to leave California and move over there. Rent really isn’t that expensive. Since so much money is made in the tourism the local Las Vegas government has been trying to attract more businesses. With no state individual or corporate income tax, Las Vegas has been able to get these much needed commercial industries to come to Las Vegas and establish its economy. Housing prices are now at or slightly above the median price nationwide, and as of late, the housing industry has become a buyer's market. Las Vegas is such a great place to live because of the superb weather. Las Vegas has a desert climate, with hot summers, mild winters, year long sunshine and very little rainfall. Some may say that it is too hot to live in Las Vegas over the hot months. The high temperatures in the months of July and August normally exceed one hundred degrees. Which is great for going out and having fun. That's great for me because I love the cold and Hot weather.

Another cool thing is all their attractions. My favorite was The Strip. It’s not really an attraction but that’s where most of the fun takes place at night. While we were there we also visited Circus Circus. An indoor Dome that has rides like roller coasters and games. It was pretty expensive but well worth it. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. A casino, Rides, and Carnival games. On our very last day there, we went shopping. We went shopping at the famous “The Forum Shops at Ceasar’s Palace. ” This is the place to get all your designer items like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. We were all pretty much broke so we ended up just looking at items. At the end of that day we just came back home, a 5 hour drive.

My overall trip to Vegas was a once in a lifetime experience. I will most definitely be going back in the near future. It was also not really that expensive it was only about a 600-700$ trip and look at all the things we did.   

10 December 2020
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