Negative Consequences Of Drugs And Alcohol Consumption

With the assumption that in today’s world, through the help of various information vessels, people are aware of the harm regarding consumption of alcohol and drugs. Maybe a sober experience remains less enjoyable, but in the long run it always proves to be more rewarding. Instinctively for a majority this comes off as just awareness information; but there has always been this one class of free, dangerous thinking people who have contaminated the society with their influence of drugs.

I want to narrate you a story that may sound all too familiar – the story of another passionate teenager who shakes the music industry with his undeniable talent. He started off as a kid who enjoyed listening to the beats of old electronic music. Inspired, he continued to make music in his bedroom. Sun shined through his windows after a period of hard work and criticism and one his record releases caught fire.

In no time his demand rose, and he started touring excessively for his live performances. A teenager who grew up in the warmth and support of his family, was snatched out of his safe place and was forced to find comfort in hotels and airplanes. With his exhaustive schedule he seldom got to see his family and when he was back home, he barely recognized the walls of his bedroom.

By now, it is probably obvious as to who I am talking about, Tim Bergling better known as, Avicii. The latest DJ whose life ended by overconsumption of alcohol and drugs, as a way of giving meaning to his life and finding peace. Today, many people wonder if using alcohol and drugs can help them commit suicide by “slow death” since they perceive these harmful substances as a way of self-medication to reduce their stress while they are alive.

As Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (a monster, three-day festival that takes place every April in Indio, CA) comes along; people need to know that there is a deeply rich representation and connection between drugs and electronic music, other than just giving a high. Despite the immediate good feelings alcohol or drugs may facilitate, one needs to understand that an unpleasant, depressive mood often accompanies abuse.

Studies led by DR. Markus Henriksson and Alain Lesage’s team, say that drugs help in strengthening the social image and bonds with random peer groups, creating a sense of temporary belonging while they are there. They create this broader identity which is much more than their background description i. e. which country they come from or what race they belong etc. For ages musicians and party freaks have used some form of mood enhancer (drugs or alcohol) to bring joy to their experience. Scientists at the McGill University (team headed by Dr. Daniel J. Levitin), Canada, report unconventional shoots in the pleasure level of music festivals when experienced under the consumptions of drugs. It because of this that Acid rock (a type of rock music, mainly of the late 1960s, associated with or inspired by the use of hallucinogenic drugs) was introduced to the society in the first place, launching the psychedelic subculture.

An ecstasy user describes the experience of being at a rave noted by the LA times as: 'I understood why the stage lights were bright and flashing, and why trance music is repetitive; the music and the drug perfectly complemented one another. It was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes and I could finally see what everyone else was seeing. It was wonderful. ”

For music fans living in the Southwest, mid-April is the much-anticipated time of the year where hundreds of thousands of people come searching for another great adventure. Contrary to popular image of old music festivals (for e. g. Woodstock), festivals like Coachella, Sunburn etc. are well strategized, planned and marketed. There owners have paid or have been paid to create such environments for and by sponsors and investors to get maximum profits from the public. And it’s not just the authorized parties who have a hand in it. Rather, it’s also those people who throw their bags over the fences or have hidden their stock in the unchecked parts of the cars; ones that take advantage of the loopholes and weaknesses of a large population and limited security arrangements to make money in such environments.

As Coachella spreads fire with its popularity, it also mirrors others across the country. It tempts and encourages the young minds who have been in this environment out of curiosity in the first place. Even when drugs and alcohol can sometimes alleviate suffering and despair. The thing to keep in mind is that drugs are not a way to show off one’s creative expression. Music festivals work on the moto “the higher you are, the more vulnerable you will be”. Reports show that major theft and rape complaints reported from such festivals are often left unsolved because the victims either aren’t able to recognize the wrong doer or are completely erased of the previous day’s memory.

If alcohol and drugs are closely related to suicidal behavior, we cannot conclude that all abusers are at risk of death. Even with an idea to enjoy while in moderate consumption of substances like Molly, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Cocaine etc. ; one needs to be aware of whether their surroundings are suitable or not. Safety precautions, especially in music festivals hosted in middle nowhere (e. g. deserts or valleys), it’s always best to take prior measures to ensure one’s safety. Like, while consuming hard alcohol, make sure you are never dehydrated. Always stay with a group of friends or people who you can trust while under the effect of alcohol or drugs. Have you phone charged (keep it airplane mode to save battery) so that someone can be contacted during emergencies. Stay out of trouble and don’t engage with hardcore groups or bad company.

So, now that you know the negative consequences and their precautionary measures while in the process of consuming these substances, choose wisely.


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31 October 2020
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