Overcoming Obstacles In Life: A Reflection

In 2003, my life was completed changed when my parents made the decision to immigrate from Africa to a new country with the hopes of providing a better future for their family. I dont remember anything about my life in Kenya because I was really when we immigrated to the States but one thing I do remember is my family that we had to leave behind. My parents honestly sacrificed a lot, they left behind there families and everything that made them who they are just so that could provide something more for their future family, and they did. My parents are my biggest inspiration and motivators their goals to always improve themselves push me to work harder so they can know and understand that I appreciate the sacrifices they made for me.

When I was a young kid, the change in environments really affected me, especially when I was attending elementary school, I was the newcomer with a weird name and a funny little accent. Even though I was young there were times that I would feel really left out and that I could not participate with the other kids because of cultural differences and my inability to communicate fully with other kids. As time went on my English improved and I lost my accent and I learn to adapt to my new reality, I worked hard so that I could be on the same level as all the other kids and that I would not be left behind and that work ethic that I learned as a young kid is what has helped me achieve the goals that I have set for myself still to this day.

As time went on my life really did improve, I became an older sister to two younger siblings and I grow to learn to love both the African and American cultures that make up my identity. I truly love and adore how close and big my family is. Even though we live in a different country we still keep Kenyan traditions. I genuinely adore it when my family gathers together to celebrate them together, it truly shows how close we are as a family.

When I became a young teenager my parents renewed their vows and I was able to go back home to Kenyan and see my family and spend time with them but when I came back to America I really struggle with my identity, I did not know whether or not I should identify my self as African or as an American and I would feel so much frustration when at school my friends from Africa would expect me to sit with them when I would want to sit with all of my friends, and I never felt like more of a foreigner. I struggled to understand why I had to be different, I loved Taylor Swift and eating Mcdonals chicken nuggets just like all other kids my age so why was I struggling with this feeling of ambiguity. This feeling ambiguity allowed me to really discover both cultures that make up my life and learn to not only accept but to embrace both of my identities and realize that is what makes me different but its also what makes life so much better because now I am able to experience a more community and I can now proudly say that I am both Kenyan and American and not feel any shame.

The challenges and obstacles that we face in life are what make our personalities and character truly unique and special. It's my overcoming the obstacles we face that determines who we are and what kind of person we will become. LIfe is difficult having to learn a new language, customs, and cultures. But it’s what gave me a positive attitude to that truly in the midst of the hardest times in life there is always hope and if you lose sight of that hope then overcoming the obstacles you will face in life will be ten times more difficult. It's from the experiences that I had to face that made me realize that by setting goals for myself and dedicating time and energy and by taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented I can accomplish anything. 

09 March 2021
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