Overview Of Food Processing And Technology

This is the scientific journal’s definition of what food processing is. This basically means you take something that is raw and to make it a “processed” food you transform or change it, in an either physical or chemical way, to create a new “processed” product. This is usually done to create products that are easy to be packaged and sold by a company or seller to a consumer.

There are many different ways to process foods. A few of the most popular are liquefaction which is when a solid and gas generate a liquen. Mincing as well as macerating are common ways too. This is when you soften a food and mincing is when you cut or chop food into very small pieces. Finally emulsification is when you break down fats. Cooking is another way used to processed foods. Cooking includes boiling, broiling, frying, etc.

One of the most popular ways to package processed foods is canning. Canning is basically taking some food or liquid and compacting it to fit in a can. A can can be taken almost anywhere because it is so small. The canning method was originally discovered in 1810 by Nicolas Appert. He did not call it canning at first although the principles he found were then taken and further developed into a very common way of processing food to this day and then obtained the name “canning”. Scientists are also experimenting with a new way of packing food called Nanotechnology. By using this companies can create Nanomaterials that will result in not only food tasting better but also boosting health benefits that food brings.

As people have become smarter with food and growing plants they have begun to modify the way in which their crops grow. They do this to create a specific kind of crop. It is called Biotechnology. This can also be used on not only plants but animals and microorganisms too. It was first introduced to agriculture in the early 1990’s. Since then people have been finding new ways to use biotechnology to enhance their crops and have the best outcome. In 2005 a study showed that a mix of 21 countries planted crops using biotechnology. The total acreage of all the planted crops using biotechnology took up a total 222 million acres. The countries took plants and improved them, some examples of these plants would be corn, papaya, cotton, and canola. Soybeans and squash were also used.

I think that food processing and technology is one of the most important things to be educated about in the world. My family is very big on knowing what's in our foods and trying to eat healthier and more nutritious snacks. That is why I chose to do this for my first News Summary. It is always good to know what you are eating and to know about the processing of foods. Sometimes processed food are fine though other times processed foods can have parts in them that are harmful. I remember that whenever my family goes to the grocery store my parents always buy organic fruits and vegetables because they say that it isn’t worth paying less for processed fruits and vegetables since they might contain germs or something that isn’t great for my body. As for food technology I think it is extremely interesting. I think if we can make food better by changing the way we grow plants, then that just shows how far we have come in technology. I think it would make a big change if we can keep adding more nutrients to our food that we grow and make the food we eat more beneficial.

13 January 2020
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