Overview Of The Types Of Computer Crimes

Computer Crime

Nowaday’s theft of computer is common. It could be internal software or external hardware. Example grocery crime, online shopping theft, virus, spam likewise we have many different kinds of computer crime in the world. In the other way, computer play key role to obtain things which helps to get armed robbery, where a criminal can get a weapon. As we have wireless means of communication, there is huge spread of crime and hackers can hack our computers in no time from anywhere. In most of the organizations, computer crime occurs via spam emails. Hackers sent spam emails to people who work in an organization. When the employee opens the file attached, all the files in employees computed get hacked and data breach may occur. Hence every organization should educate their employees regarding spam emails to protect their data. There different categories of viruses. Worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, sniffers and DDoS are the different categories of viruses.

  • Viruses: Virus is kind of computer program that changes other computers program to take the data out of the organization and help the hackers.
  • Worms: Worms are same as Viruses but these are sent by internet hitch-hiking to spread the human activities.
  • Trojan horses: These Trojan horses appears same as software’s which pops as an additional feature while installing some software’s. Most of the innocent people assume these are the additional features and click on add to installation which eventually leads to data loss or a disaster. Hence there must be some security measurements taken while installing any software on the computer. Trojan horse easily activate the innocent code in the program.
  • Logic bombs: These login bombs are kind of programs implemented and executed at specific time and date. For example, while we are booting the disk we can implement this logic bomb. Same logic bombs are used for good purpose by most of the organizations to push the software updates to the employee’s system.
  • Sniffers: These sniffers are used to monitor the networks and analyze them. With the help of sniffers, we can protect our systems from hackers when they try to steal our passwords, credit card information, spy our computer and protect our identities.
  • Distributed denial of service attacks. These denial of service attacks will lead to website hacking. Amazon web sites is the best example for DoS. Most of the hackers use DoS to target the site and crash it or send barrages to hack the site to steal the data.

The "Hacker"

Most of the people who sit in front of computer and try to play around the computer security are known as hackers. Hacking can be used for both good and bad purpose. These hackers create different kinds of program which hacker’s others computer and get the information they need or develop games to play in their spare time. These hackers implement programs and send to other system via virus. These days we see most of the computer virus that attack and collapse our system. Hackers can also hack the telephones and listen the conversation of two people who are talking over the phone. Mainly hackers hack the databases of the organizations to steel the employee’s identities or organizations data. These days hacking has spread in a wide range of crimes which helps the hackers for financial theft. Our personal information that was stored in our computer is the main target for the hackers which leads to fraudulence. As this hacking is growing day by day, law-enforcement has come insight to control and punish the hackers.


Spam is nothing but unsolicited e-mail that effects our system when we open the file that was sent. We can control these spam by educating people around and guiding them to right team. These spam emails also come under assault of non-solicited pornography. People market their products via spam emails. These spam act need some people who can send emails with their labels with some standard language. These spam emails mislead readers by sending prohibited titles and headers.

Examples of crime Incidents and Costs

One of the example for computer crime is Aetna data breach. Data breach became a common occurrence in today's world, it is important for us to know the consequences and preventions of data breach incidents. Data breach on Aetna occurred in July 2017. The breach compromised personal health information (PHI) of thousands of HIV patients. Data of more than 12000 individuals with HIV virus was revealed by Aetna in a very low-tech way. The fact that the individuals were taking HIV medications was displayed through clear window of the envelope.Many lawsuits were filed against Aetna for not handling PHI carefully. The organization almost ended up paying $17 million for the breach. Most of the people were annoyed by the organizations decision. Hence there was a lawsuit filed against Aetna. Aetna has rule that all the members should take HIV medications through mail order pharmacies. This policy to send medications through mail order prevents people to take in person counsel and discrimination.

As per the legal department, the privacy has outlined that the proposed breach has two folds. 13,480 people’s information was revealed by the organization to legal counsel and third-party vendor without the proper and prior authorization of members. Apart from paying $17 million Aetna also has set up new practices to take care of PHI (Protected Health Information). For the individuals who experienced emotional distress, they setup a separate fund. Individuals can claim up to $20,000 as per the company’s policy. As per the legal department, it is a bigger settlement than identity theft or hacking personal information. Another example for computer crime occurred at Dun & Bradstreet.

A Dun & Bradstreet 52GB of data containing regarding 33.6 million info with terribly distinctive details regarding each of the citizenry concerned from work title to e-mail address has been exposed.The data belonged to NetProspex, a firm bought by suggests that of D&B in 2015 for US$125 million, ZDNet showed. NetProspex had compiled the info including personal records that include names, task titles, job responsibilities and work piece of email addresses and speak to numbers – for e-marketers, by all accounts. The info includes statistics only on Americans, Hunt discovered. California has the very best illustration with larger than four million facts, followed via New York with 2.7 million, and Texas with 2.6 million records.

The D&B breach shines associate uncomfortable light-weight on a common truth of latest life – that companies of most every kind considers personal shopper info to be a valuable artefact. The worrisome part is that the deep bench of information that the information incorporates. For Wells Fargo, as associate instance, the records are for the C-suite and forty-five vice presidents, senior vice presidents, assistant vice presidents and government vice presidents, all with names and piece of email addresses on job titles.

D&B educated SC Media in an exceedingly announcement that, "primarily supported our analysis, it is our dedication that there has been no exposure of sensitive personal info from, and no infiltration of our system. The facts in question are info sometimes situated on an ad enterprise card. As general apply, D&B makes use of associate agile safety procedure and evaluates and evolves protection controls to guard the integrity of our statistics."The documents area unit from an intensive spectrum of presidency and personal entities. The department of protection is most closely diagrammatical with 100 and one,013 files consists of, accompanied through the U.S. mail service, ATT&T and Wal-Mart. the information factors area unit terribly specific roughly all and varied.

Security measures

To protect our data, we have to make we are aware of what we are installing if we are installing any software. We have to what exactly we are activating the pop ups for. While transferring funds or any other information we need to make sure we have logged into secured site which has lock symbol in the URL. Make sure we are installing right anti-virus software to protect our systems from the virus. Implement the measurements for internally and externally to protect our system from computer crime.

11 February 2020
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