Perseverance - a Key Element for Personal Changes

Learning the struggles of being an 18-year-old female of color in this world can be several reasons. Having a favorite song artist, a favorite food, someone that this girl admires, and a goal in life simply doesn’t isn’t always enough for one to become successful. Perseverance is key. To quote Ramana Maharshi, “No one succeeds without effort, those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” It's obvious what the topic for perseverance essay, so I will continue. 

There is just so much standing in the way of becoming the best version of yourself. But the one thing that allows a person to be successful is perseverance. That is what I, being that eighteen-year-old girl have. Along with ambition, talent, and the drive that allows me to succeed in things when I put my mind to it. Although I have weaknesses such as procrastination when stressed, and time management problems, as long as she is encouraged by her favorite singer Beyonce to embrace her efforts, I will go far. My family is also my main source of support, having a huge Somalian family of five boys and two girls is never boring. I have hopes and dreams of becoming an environmental studying expert just like my older brother and going on to become successful enough to support my family. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I wish to have a large loving family. My mother, who raised seven kids on her own is the one she admires more than anyone on earth.

My love for volleyball began in the sixth grade, my teacher encouraged me to try it out, he kept telling me I’d be great. I continued to pursue playing in middle school and high school. I became so good, I began to compete against different provinces and even got my name on a banner this is up in my high school. I’ve become successful in volleyball because of my perseverance. Despite all the injuries and teams that had poor sportsmanship, I continued and got better. Even though there are people who are always going to be against you, getting up and trying again after being told no or you aren’t good enough, is what it takes for someone to become successful. And that is w my mother had to go through for us to be a functioning family where there is food on our table, and a roof over our head. Despite the odds against her, she went out and got not one, not two, but three jobs to support her family. Seems impossible at first but perseverance is what got us to where we are today.

My being is from the molding of mothers’ hands. She made me who I am by always saying “Fatuma, that’s good but sweetheart you can do better.”. From my weird obsession with noodles to my hatred of reading and problems with time management, these traits stem from her. In conclusion, you can not be the person you are today without the people around you to encourage you. Overcoming the pessimistic thoughts is what makes you successful and you owe it all to perseverance.

05 January 2023
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