The Role Of Perseverance In Our Life

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What is perseverance? Perseverance is grit. It is dedication. Determination. Perseverance is the ability to continue doing something when something seems hopeless. It means to not give up. There is no guilt in failing because then you can get back on track and succeed. Some people do not believe that one’s circumstances determine their perseverance. Everyone has perseverance, even if someone doesn’t think they have perseverance, they do they just have to develop it and learn how to do it. Some people who think that they don’t have perseverance, just have not yet developed it. Why? It’s because they haven’t learned how to depending on different situations, but everyone has or will persevere at least once in their life. Some people develop perseverance early because they might’ve been taught it earlier in life. In life, many people do not believe one’s circumstances determine his/her perseverance because everyone has perseverance, whether you are born with it or not, you can develop it.

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In the article, “New math: Fail + try again= real learning” by Susan Moran, it states that by failing at things and trying again, failure can benefit one in life. Making mistakes are necessary to benefit one’s life. They are to be embraced because you can’t grow without them. Accepting your failure helps you learn more and achieve more. Once you fail and try again, you then know how to do it.

Students these days are now taught how to persevere in school because it is not just necessary in school. Persevering is also used in daily life and it’s one of the most compelling things in life. Without perseverance, it’s hard to go anywhere in life. Students should be motivated and discover and explore theories by having several “right” answers instead of just one. In schools, they teach trial-and-error spirit, so that kids can develop it in their younger stage in life, so they can have that characteristic in their life forever. “Mistakes are not only okay, they’re necessary building blocks of learning and creativity. ‘We should embrace and celebrate mistakes, because we couldn’t grow and create cool things without them’” (Moran, 1). Everyone has perseverance, you just have to learn how to use it. Just because you weren’t “born” with perseverance doesn’t mean you can’t develop it. You can develop perseverance by making mistakes and trying again till you get it ‘right’. Failing is a step of persevering. Once you fail and then try again, you’re persevering. You can develop perseverance by when things are getting rough, you can get back up again and try your hardest to succeed. It may not seem easy, some may think it’s hard, but you will succeed if you don’t give up. Developing perseverance is a necessity in life. You shouldn’t give up on anything in life because you might be really good.

Some readers may believe that perseverance is based on one’s circumstances because destitute people seem to work harder than others. They don’t have things given to them like the wealthy. Some people believe that they develop perseverance throughout their life and learn it earlier than others. They think that perseverance is based on one’s circumstance because they have to keep on persevering to get through things and do better, while some others don’t need to because it’s all given to them.

While this may be a valid argument, some do not believe perseverance is based on circumstances because anyone can persevere. People who are destitute or wealthy can have perseverance. It doesn’t matter whether your rich or poor. We are all people, not all the same, but we can make the same choices, and we are capable of a lot of things. Perseverance is just one, and anyone is capable of having it.

In the article, “The Elements of Success” by Mike Kubic, the article discusses how mistakes are necessary: People who come from the poor and who use perseverance then tend to become wealthy. For example, Asian-American’s are in the top income categories. Success in America is a racial characteristic, but some think it’s because of superiority complex, insecurity, and grit. Asian-American’s had the lowest self-esteem in any racial group, even though they work the hardest and get good grades. Many Say that successful kids feel “motivated to achieve”. “ Cuban Americans rose in one generation from austere beginnings to relative affluence. Within four decades after their arrival, they were twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites to earn over $50,000 a year. All three Hispanic United States senators are Cuban Americans” (Kubic, 2). The Cuban Americans rose from being poor to wealthy by having perseverance. They didn’t give up, and now there are Cuban American state senators.

Therefore, everyone has perseverance, whether they are born with it or not. You just have to learn how to use it. Once you learn you’re on a great path in life because perseverance is a key in life. Once you fail, you must try again to achieve and be successful.

In conclusion, perseverance doesn’t determine someone’s wealth. Whether your rich or poor, everyone has perseverance. Some don’t develop it as soon as others, but everyone is capable of persevering. Perseverance is important to students because then students can learn the price of hard work. Students shouldn’t give up because then there will be consequences academically and for the rest of their life. If students give up it will affect their academic progress negatively, but if they persevere they it will affect the academic progress positively. Perseverance is a necessity in life. To be successful in life you need to have perseverance. Without it, you won’t be successful. Not having perseverance shows that you don’t care, or your not willing to do any hard work, because in life there will be many obstacles that you will have to overcome, and by doing that you use perseverance.

31 August 2020

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