The Connection Between Perseverance And Courage

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Perseverance can be much of things, think perseverance can be courage. Perseverance takes a lot of courage. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one and perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty. The difficulty. The two definitions are very similar and there’s much of ways someone can have perseverance that shows courage. For example of perseverance working out for two hours each day to lose weight.

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I have an example, that you can relate to is high school musical was a movie that shows a lot of perseverance. Troy Bolton the star athlete at a small town high school, falls for a nerdy beauty Gabriella Montez. So troy and Gabriella audition for the upcoming school musical. Meanwhile, the jealous Shappay Evans conspires to squelch their chances. The two must struggle to make the audition while also meeting their existing obligations to the basketball team and the academic decathlon. Both of them have the perseverance to keep going and to do the musical.

One other thing that may help, the true story of how Ray Krao a struggling salesman from Illinois met Mac and Dick McDonald who were running a burger operation in 1950s in southern California . With a speedy system of making the food and saw franchise potential. Kroc soon maneuvers himself into a position to be able to pull the company from brothers and create a multi-billion dollar empire. Ray had perseverance to do that and everything i said everyone had the courage to do what they did. They could have stopped a long time ago but they keep going to be where they are. I never seen perseverance without courage because everyone that perseverance have that courage.

Something that shows me a lot of perseverance is very close to me is my family that is something that gives me a lot of happiness and one of them is my uncle that is George Foreman a American former professional boxer who competed in 1969 and 1997 , his a two time world champion and an Olympic gold medalist. Outside of boxing , he is also an author an entrepreneur. With his troubled childhood, he took up amateur boxing and won a gold medal in the heavyweight division at the summer Olympics. Having turned professional the next year, he won the world heavyweight title with a second round knockout of than,undefeated joe frazier in 1973 two successful title defenses were made before Foreman’s first professional loss to Muhammad Ali in the rumble in the jugle in 1974. Unable to secure another title opportunity ,Foreman retired after a loss to jimmy young in 1977 ten years later had a comeback and became the oldest world heavyweight champion in history. With a total of 81 fights and 5 losses ,wins by KO 68 and 78 wins . To only have 5 losses in 81 fights you can see all of the perseverance he had and the courage to come back after all that time for loosen you have to have a lot. I think that perseverance is the same thing and it shows in all the stores i said all of them show how they perseverance to move forward to be in the spot they are in. With having the courage they have so that is why,I think perseverance is like the same thing as courage.

31 August 2020

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