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Personality Analysis Of Thomas Edison: A Man Who Changed The World

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Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio during the year of 1847 and with him a lot of goals and dreams that he would accomplish to transform the world forever. Edison was always working in developing his career by working hard to achieve his goals. His invention of the phonograph and the light bulb was enormous in the U. S. history. Thomas was a person with a lot of imagination to see the future in projects that others won’t even imagine. Equally important, a genius of its time that was born to be special and didn’t fit the system that the world wants us to fit by changing the game and trying to be different from the rest. He had a mother whose name was Nancy and she was responsible to educate him at home since he was taken out of school. At the age of 15 he was working as a telegraphist and at the age of 16 he made his first invention. Additionally, the commitment and drive that went through every single patent that Edison had was something that not many are able to achieve in life. Even when his main purpose was not fame or fortune Edison became famous and millionaire by becoming a great inventor even if he started as a humble person in the beginning.

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Edison was always working in developing his career by working hard to achieve his goals. This is explained in chapter 2 in the book “Thomas Edison: American Inventor” written by Michael W. Simmons who described Edison as a great Entrepreneur with great capabilities to develop technologies and businesses for the good of humanity. Simmons, mentions how Edison suffered a few business disasters in seek of success, which makes a lot of sense since Edison had a lot of risks while depending on himself to achieve his goals. “He didn’t enjoy unqualified success straight out of the gate — he sometimes despaired over paying his small stable of employees their wages, and grew frustrated by the tedious work of managing a business, preferring to devote his time to invention. But overall, his entrepreneurial efforts did fairly well for themselves, and he suffered no serious business disasters in his early career”. This passage shows how Edison was a person that always believed in the saying there is no success without hard work, because it’s something you can only earn after much labor tried to work to change the world just as any genius in history has done it before.

Furthermore, at an early age Edison knew that he was a man that was always trying to perfect his own inventions for the good of humanity he used to make a lot of observations while evolving his own inventions and had a lot to prove to himself. Edison loved the chase of his dreams; he liked the process of following what he really wanted to achieve something that majority of the people look as hard to do. Many times we argue how in the present technology moves very fast, but when Edison was alive the world was moving very fast as well with the help of Edison. Thomas Edison was a competitive person, which made it more interesting for him to find answers as fast as he could, this would make him the first person and the one who gets the patent of it. Edison’s invention of the phonograph and the light bulb was enormous in the U. S. history. Edison is known as the person who invented the phonograph and the electric light, but he didn’t even know how this would change the world at the time, this is explained by the author Simmons, Michael. “This first breakthrough on the phonograph came in July of 1877, but Edison was busy with other projects at the time and did not fully realize the potential of what he’d created until several months after”. In other words, this passage shows how the phonograph was invented in the first place to leave voice messages; they also had ideas to put a different name to the phonograph such as “Tel-autograph” or even “Tel-auto phone”.

Edison was a person who would try and try until he achieves his own objectives. He was working hard to create lighting, but investors were very impatient since Edison was promising to light up the whole city in just a matter of weeks. This was a real challenge for him since he had to develop new methods to create the light bulb with electric light. In detail, the impact of his inventions made an impact to make him an American Icon until he created the light bulb and he became a legend for America to come to the modern world. When creating something, Edison used to stay up late hours and sleep only a few hours to use the most time as possible to create his inventions. Edison was a person with a lot of imagination to see the future in projects that others won’t even imagine. This is exemplified in the primary source article called “The Laboratory Notebooks of Thomas Edison”, which shows pieces of evidence on how this magnificent inventor used to organize his thoughts and ideas to pursue his well elaborate inventions. The article mentions that Edison had about 1,000 patents, which the most famous ones are the light bulb and the phonograph, “Edison’s own road from sketch to concrete object was marked by imagination of the highest order. Compensating for progressive hearing loss since childhood, Edison was as these selections illustrate a consummately visual thinker and a fine draftsman”. For this reason, this passage shows how Edison overcame his obstacles to pursue his dreams, this is an example of someone that used his weaknesses to become better in this case when he was losing his hearing he would develop other areas such as his brain and imagination, as well as having the ability to concentrate more in the tasks that he had to get done.

Thomas Alva Edison had his own laboratory to create his inventions, it was huge and with it he had all the equipment to create new products. Therefore, he had to be very brave to take the decision to create his own laboratory in a time when inventors were not common and technology was something that seemed to be far from reality. At the time it was only artificial light such as gaslight, which was a flame that had been in use for about 300 years, Edison had recognized that there should be a way to create light with better technology that it would be easier to use. The man that changed America and light up the entire world even at the present time.

As can be seen, Thomas Alva Edison was a person that would be an example for everyone to try to be whoever we want, and try until we make our dreams come to reality. At an early age, even when a lot of people were against him, he would go and convince the world to believe in him with his brilliant mind. Many people criticize him because he would take the credit many times other than giving credit to the people that worked with him to make these inventions, but the important thing about it is that he didn’t just created one invention in history, he would always try to develop new products for the good of America and this included to be working with the best engineers and scientists there were in the world. Definitely, the invention of the phonograph was just an example of how he started to earn the thrust of the thrust of investors so he could fund his new inventions such as the light bulb. The fact that Edison was American is something to feel very proud about, since he was a person that had created some of the most helpful inventions ever in the history, as well as those inventions helped develop the economy by creating other inventions that would help on this as well. As has been noted, Edison was a great leader that knew how to use the correct people to achieve his successful inventions, it was just a matter of time to overcome all his obstacles and achieve many accomplishments that seemed impossible for most people.

10 October 2020

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