Understanding My Sexual Self: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Have you ever considered writing a "My sexual self essay" to explore your own feelings about intimacy and relationships? I want to share my personal experiences and thoughts on the topic, discussing how attraction to others is more about emotional connection than physical desire and how religious beliefs play a role in shaping their views on sex.

I know majority will surely has the same feelings, I feel right now and that is it's very hard for someone to feel fully satisfied with every part of his or her body. In physical and sexual self essay I want to raise up this controversial topic. When it comes to my physical self, some of my physical characteristics are very hard or even impossible to change. One of my physical appearance that has been bothering me for my entire life is my height, you could tell by just looking both of my parents and brothers they are all tall and sometimes made me think that I might be an adopted, cause where do I inherent my height. I was very obsessed with my physical imperfection that it causes my low self-esteem.

Then my sexual self, whenever I experience an initial attraction like having a crush on someone, it is more like an aesthetic than physical meaning sex is never the first thing that comes up in my mind. Like caressing, kissing, cuddling, etc. it is not part of my fantasies at all, it never involve sexual intimate things. I am someone who has never been interested in casual sex. Though I am not morally opposed to it, it's just not for me, I just want to enjoy my tender years even without experiencing it. I think that religion plays a significant role in influencing sexuality. Since church doctrines uphold the importance of sexual purity and chastity.

Since I am not really that interested to sexual intimate things, my relationship with the opposite sex or with a significant other is very that simple. When talking about sex I am more aroused through my connection with that specific person, than by their parts. You see, this is probably one of the reasons I have always been friends with a person for a long time before starting a relationship with them. I really need to get to know him and know more about him before forming a relationship and goes there. It takes a lot of emotional intimacy, trust, and a strong bond before being completely comfortable with him and even thinking about opening up to him sexually.

If there is changes to be made or things to work on so that the ways I look at myself could contribute to my wellbeing and relationships it is my negative mind-set towards my physical appearance it is not good in constantly finding the worst in everything, it would be better if I have this positive thinking, with a positive attitude.

10 October 2022
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