Plot Summary Of The Maze Runner By James Dashner

The setting of my book The Maze Runner by James Dashner takes place in a labyrinth/maze-like place. Thomas along with others live in a place called the glade surrounded by walls that protected them from grievers. Grievers are mechanical robots and when they sting you if you don't get a cure you die. If you get a cure you remember some of your memories. Thomas arrived at the glade with no memories from his past life along with others. A kid named Alby showed Thomas all of the features of the glade and told him all of the jobs. Thomas instantly wanted to become a runner. A runner went into the maze during the day taking notes about how the walls moved. One night Minho (A runner) and Alby went into the maze during the day to investigate a dead griever.

The griever played dead and ended up stinging Ably. Minho ended up not making it out of the maze. Before the doors closed Thomas stepped inside the maze to try and help, then straight after the doors closed. Thomas hung Ably on a thick patch of ivy so grievers couldn’t get him. Thomas and Minho survived the night and escaped the maze back to the glade in the morning. Thomas in the morning became an official runner but faced the punishment of one day in the slammer for going into the maze. A girl named Teressa was in a coma and woke up. She wakes up saying that the maze is a code and there is a somewhat complicated way out. She also can talk to Thomas through his head. They believe that back in their past lives they knew each other somehow. The sun disappears which makes crops stop growing and at night the doors don't close. The grievers come at night into the glade and take one kid per night. A boy named Gally jumps into the griever and yells that the grievers will take one kid per night. The next day, Thomas and other runners found out that the maze was repeating words that were float, catch, bleed, death, stiff, and push. To find out what all of this means the next night Thomas on purposely gets stung by the grievers to remember his memories.

While Thomas was in the changing he found out he needed to jump into the hole that the grievers come from, an invisible hole. Thomas leads a group of gladers to the hole to escape. Thomas and the gladers fight off the grievers. Thomas and Teressa then punch in the code and the grievers and maze shut down. Thomas and the gladers walk down a corridor where they meet the creators of the maze. When they meet a woman says that there will be one more test alongside her a teenager with a hoodie. The teenager ended up being Gally and throws a knife at Thomas which Chuck jumps in front of. As Thomas mourns Chuck, a group of men and women come and shoot every single creator. Those people rush Thomas and the others on a bus, leaving Chuck’s lifeless body. Thomas drives through a post-disaster type of land. A person tells the gladers that there was an ecological disease called “The Flare” that caused the land to look like this. The organization that put them in the maze (WICKED) wanted to prepare and extract the best hope for this disease. The group that rescued the children didn’t like the ways of WICKED. Thomas and the others were taken to a house where they were given food and a bed.

31 October 2020
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