Reflection On The Book Maze Runner

Maze Runner is a fiction book written by James Dashner. In my opinion, this was such a great book, this book is very similar to books such as “Hunger Games”, And “Divergent”. This novel will keep you locked in at all times, It makes you wanna get to the next chapter as soon as possible. I believe the author of this book James Dashner wrote this novel to give the reader a sense of hope, also to tell the reader to never give up, and nothing is impossible. Teaching the reader life lessons in the story as well as making the reader want to keep reading. In my own opinion, he did an amazing job at this. In Glade ( where the story takes place) the keep trying and trying and trying to find a way out of the maze; Thus showing the reader a great message on not giving up. The story all takes place in Glade, which is the town/community they live in. A Teenager named Thomas arrives one day Thomas wakes up with guys standing all around me questioning where he's from and trying to figure out who he is. Thomas has no memory of his past life. . Nothing but his name he knows Thomas quickly becomes very well-liked and becomes a runner. This is a huge promotion. The runner was to run into the maze when it opened and too search for a way out of the maze and get back before it closes. This was the most important and very dangerous job because if you didn't make it back in time the wall would close and you would be stuck in there for the night tell the morning when the wall would reopen. But this was very bad because The Grievers will get you and kill you. It wasn't very common you survive if you're stuck there all night.

For my Analysis of this novel there really isn't that more or anything at all I would critique or change about this book. There was something about it that really had me hyped and intrigued the whole time. The Grievers that roamed the whole maze, the sense of fear and suspense it gave to the reader was amazing. For my conclusion, I have to say this book is amazing, I usually am not much of a reader but this one kept me reading and reading. There was a lot of suspense in this novel if you are one to read boring books this book is NOT for you. This book teaches the reader Bravery and friendship. I have never read a book by this author besides this one but now i would definitely read more by him and I very much approve and recommend this novel.

31 October 2020
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