Polygamy Is A Negative Practice With Many Problems

The practice of marrying to a spouse after another is called polygamy. Polygyny, together with polyandry, are the kinds of polygamous practices. Polygamy’s permissibility in 50 out of almost 200 dominant states are legalized, Though many other dominant states of the world do not recognize polygamous practices, or marriages. My main contention is having more than one mate should be illegal, a crime, for all the usual reasons: that it devalues, impairs the trust on which marriage and family life depends, upsets the sexual balance in society at large, and does not fit with the egalitarian.

As a matter of fact, Polygamous family structures appear to have detrimental effects on children and adolescents, the mediating effects of parental education. A systematic literature search and review was conducted of research published 1994-2014 that focused on psychological variables, primary data collection, and compared data on children and adolescents from polygynous families with monogamous families. Critical analysis included the relevance of methods to the culture, including the psychometric properties reported. A total of 13 papers satisfied the inclusion criteria. The review found more mental health problems, social problems and lower academic achievement for children and adolescents from polygynous than monogamous families. Similarities between children and adolescents from polygynous and monogamous families included self-esteem, anxiety and depression scores.

On the subject of polygamy, there are kinds of harm associated with polygamy, there are the specific harms done to the women and children of actual polygamous marriages, as in the Sara Hammon who left behind 19 mothers, 74 siblings, and a father she says could never remember her name, even though he repeatedly molested her, together with her sexually abusive brothers. These include allegedly forced marriages, sexual abuse of children, exploitation, and confinement.

Concerning the matter of polygamy on egalitarian society, polygamy is not egalitarian at all, considering the fact that polygamous practice devalues women, to put it in another way, it does not seem to be fair. There are even polygamous sect that has the theology, the treatment of women and teaching women that they are not equal to men, therefore equality and egalitarian society isn’t achieved.

Practicing polygamy is extremely devaluing women, or even men, not to mention that effects of polygamous family structures are detrimental. Also the sexual urges, that causes sexual abuse in the family. Nevertheless, society confronts the polygamous practices aberrantly, unpleasantly, knowing the fact that polygamy does not create an egalitarian, fairer society around the world.

31 October 2020
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